By now, most of you have heard about dermaplaning or have seen the “I shaved my face” post on Instagram, initiated by none other than Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty herself. It’s definitely a controversial topic and a shocking concept that not a lot of women are easily persuaded to try. However, I was, and it was complex...

First Impression

I tried using the small razor blades that were similar to the ones I’ve seen online. Excited about the result, I didn't pay much attention to the instructions as I should have. The immediate result was incredible. I could actually see my skin that was hidden under piles of peach fuzz. It was smoother than a baby’s butt, and it was glowing. My foundation would go on smoothly, and my skin never looked more flawless.

Breaking Out

The downside was that after a couple of weeks, I started breaking out. It took me a while to realize it was because I wasn’t being gentle with my skin. You’re supposed to use small strokes at a 45 degree angle and be patient and slow. I was quick and heavy handed. Do not do that! It took me almost a year to fix the damage I did. My acne would not go away. My pores were always inflamed, and I was continuously breaking out.

The Alternative

I heard about an alternative to these razors and immediately stopped using them. I bought an electric trimmer for sensitive skin by Veet. This doesn't give the same effect the razors provide, because it doesn't actually touch the skin itself. It just cuts the hairs from the surface, so you won’t get the exfoliating aspect the dermaplaning gives you. However, it still does the job really well and your skin will still feel a lot smoother than it was before.


What Else Should You Know?

I do it once a week. Your dermaplaning procedure is supposed to be done on completely dry skin. However, I apply coconut oil on my face before I use the trimmer, just because I'm scared of my previous experience and would rather not take the risk again. Some people religiously survive on dermaplaning and have no problem with breakouts. Just remember, if you’re curious about going down that path, you have to be patient and gentle with your skin. Preferably consider trying the method with an oil first, just to test how your skin will react.  

Oh! And no, you will not grow a beard. Shaving doesn't make your hair thicker permanently. It's like shaving your legs; once you stop shaving, the hair will grow back to its natural state. This is because you’re not actually in contact with the hair follicles, you’re just scraping the surface.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @karimamckimmie