We mentioned before that the more we grow up, the more attention our skin requires. So we talked about the most common skin problems in your 30s and how to prevent sagging skin and the award winning skincare products. Today let's talk about one the products that so many people are curious about...the derma roller.

There's a lot of confusion about derma rollers and before we get into the details, we must say that with treatments like this it is always best to get them done professionally by a trusted dermatologist so you don't cause any damage or harm to your skin. 

However, it has worked for a lot of people and is very loved for it's a simple technique that helps stimulate collagen and cell turnover by also breaking down the cells that are causing wrinkles. It also can really help with treating acne. Before we tell you about the best derma rollers and how to use them let's discuss something that a lot of people get confused by...

What is the difference between a Derma Roller and Dermapen?

Both help rejuvenate the skin and restore its radiance but the difference between them is not in the results...

1. The derma roller can be used at home after some practice, unlike the Dermapen which must be used by doctors professionally in cosmetic clinics. 

2. Derma rollers can be used from 3 to 6 months depending on its quality and type, but the Dermapen can only  be used once.

What are the best derma rollers?

1. BEAUTY BIO GloPRO derma roller 


One of the best ones out there is the award winning GloPRO. It helps the skin absorb skincare products 200 times more than normal. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also balances the skin and makes it more uniform. It brings the skin radiance and helps with cell renewal.

Note: For best results, use it at most three times a week, for only one minute each.

2. Stacked Skincare Derma Roller


This derma roller is good for beginners. It is made of stainless steel needles that are about 2 mm long. It exfoliates the skin making it look more fresh and radiant. It is a good choice for dry and dull skin, as it also helps make it more soft and smooth. Also, these short needles give good results without any pain or injury when used carefully.

3. ORA Face & Full Body Roller Kit


The brand ORA offers a set of derma rollers with about 6 pieces. All heads have titanium needles, which gently penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production. This helps you have smoother, healthier and more beautiful skin. The different heads are made to be used on different parts of the body, from the face, lips to other parts of the rest of the body. 

4. Environ Gold Roll-CIT Derma Roller


This is one of the best derma rollers but also the most expensive. It is made of gold which helps kill bacteria and it can be used for almost 5 years, so it can be better for you to invest in an expensive one that can last you a long time. 

This derma roller works on treating fine lines and scarring. It also stimulates collagen production, cell rejuvenation and can make the skin tighter.

5. Sdara Derma Roller


Amazon chose this derma roller and ranked it as one of the best and a top seller. It is affordable but can give great results making the skin look revived and youthful. It also comes in a box to preserve it, which helps it last a longer time without being affected by bacteria. 

Now, here's how to use a derma roller:

1. Take your derma roller out of its box, dip it in alcohol and wash it with warm water to disinfect it, then set it aside to dry.

2. Wash your face really well, making sure it's clean from any bacteria stuck on it.

3. Section the face and start using the derma roller on each section. 

4. Make sure to use the derma roller in each section, once horizontally and once vertically. 

Note: Make sure you don't roll it a lot over the same area so you don't hurt your skin. 

5. Wash your face again after you're done to disinfect it.

6. Sterilize and wash the derma roller again then leave it to dry and put it back in its package.

7. Apply a serum or moisturizer afterwards.

How to use a Derma Roller video tutorial: