Why Shopping on Online Beauty Websites Is Better Than Separate Brand Shopping?

Mariam Youssef
7/5/23, 1:00 PM

Online shopping has been there for a long time and people grew to love it even more nowadays because of how easy and quick it is. Although some people prefer in-store shopping, especially when it comes to cosmetics, online shoppers are ample! We’re not here today to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping; however, we’re here to talk about why online beauty platforms are better than shopping at specific brands at a time. Read on to know more about online beauty platforms and their benefits for every girl who likes to take care of her skin and makeup.

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What are online beauty platforms?

Beauty platforms or websites cover everything from makeup to skincare to anything related to women’s beauty. Sephora and Ulta Beauty are two of the most popular beauty and personal care retailers that have over 300 beauty brands showcased in their stores and websites. Expect to find everything you’re looking for on these beauty websites, from makeup to skincare to hair care to body lotions and more.

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Why are beauty platforms better than specific brands?

Online shoppers may already know the drill, but we’ll break it down for every one of you so you can know all the benefits.

You’re likely to find everything!

If, for example, your favorite makeup brand is Maybelline, you may visit their website and order the products you want (or visit their stores, depending on your mood). However, when you need a cleanser, night cream, body lotion, hair mask, and mascara, it is definitely overwhelming to visit three or four different brands to purchase the items you want, be it online or in-store. With a simple click on your preferred beauty website, you can choose the categories you want and add them to your shopping cart. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Fewer delivery fees

Needless to say, when you shop at different websites, you’ll likely end up paying a lot of delivery fees. The best thing about collective beauty websites is that you will pay delivery fees (approximately 40-55 EGP) for all of the items you purchase. Moreover, some websites offer free shipping on orders above a specific amount of money. So, this will be a great chance to buy everything you want from one place and save time and money simultaneously.

Discounts, vouchers, and offers

The chances that you’ll find sales and offers at beauty stores are very little. That’s why beauty platforms are the perfect place for beauty shopping, especially when you want to save money. You will most likely find an “items on sale” section on any beauty website. Moreover, you can find amazing offers on beauty sets or makeup kits. Furthermore, if you’re a regular customer, you may even receive a voucher every now and then to get 15-20% off your next purchase. How awesome is that!

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Access to more products

How often do you visit a makeup brand’s website and find that the item you want is out of stock? This often happens, especially when the product is very popular, which is frustrating. On beauty websites, you can easily find the items you want. But even if they’re out of stock too, you can find other agreeable alternatives. Moreover, some beauty brands only have online shops, so instead of visiting their website in specific, you can find their products on collective beauty platforms.

Supporting local brands

One of the best things about online beauty websites is that they support local brands by showcasing their products and allowing more customers to know them. Any new beauty brand may struggle in the beginning to prove how good it is. So, beauty websites offer this great opportunity for new businesses to showcase their products.

Introverts’ heaven

Although it is always nice to find salespeople who are willing to help when you’re shopping at a beauty store, it can get a bit frustrating and annoying to be followed by them at every corner of the store. Moreover, some salespeople may keep pushing you to buy any item you’ve viewed or touched to the point that it becomes extremely irritating! Online shopping saves you the trouble of being followed by salespeople and offers you a 24/7 service, in which you can shop whenever you want at your own pace and convenience.

What are the most popular beauty websites in Egypt?

There are several beauty platforms available in Egypt that offer amazing beauty products for every woman who likes to take care of herself, such as ZynahNot only does Zynah offer plenty of beauty products from several brands, but it also offers Heidy Karam’s new beauty line products that have been recently launched. On Zynah, you’ll also find amazing offers and nice vouchers. There are several beauty websites that offer similar services; some of them have actual stores while others are only available online.

Purchasing beauty products is a joy in itself that may break the bank but still makes us happy and beautiful. No matter how you like to shop for these items, make sure you benefit from discounts, vouchers, and sales to buy anything you want for the best price and quality.

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