Henna Artists When You Don’t Want A Permanently Tattooed Body

Mariam Youssef
6/21/23, 12:00 PM

How many times have you thought about getting a tattoo but cannot commit to having a permanent one? Is it going to be shoulder butterflies or a full-back dragon? The idea of getting our bodies tattooed is enticing but many of us may fear doing so for several reasons. Luckily, Henna artists come to the rescue as they can provide us with amazing body art that does not only look fabulous but can also last for several weeks. Try Henna with these artists if you don’t want a permanent tattoo.

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Fatma Henna Drawing

Think of anything you want to draw on your body and Fatma will do it for you. Besides her high-quality henna that lasts for 2-3 weeks, her talent is amazing and her drawings are spectacular! Whether you want to write a phrase, draw a Disney character, or get a mandala on your hands, she’ll get it done professionally.

Location: Alexandria

Instagram: Fatma Henna Drawing

Facebook: Fatma Henna Drawing

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Beit El-Henna

If you want to celebrate this Eid differently, you’ll want to check Beit El-Henna for the most beautiful and unique drawings and body art using Henna. The professionalism of this place is what makes it stand out. More importantly, the white Henna art that you can find there is out-of-this-world beautiful.

Location: Sheraton / Maadi / Zayed

Instagram: Beit El-Henna

Phone: 01090479096

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Henna By Fayrouz

Henna by Fayrouz offers that good old traditional Henna art that never fails to make any bride look spectacular on her wedding day. Whether you want a full hand of Henna or just a simple drawing, Fayrouz will deliver. Moreover, you don’t have to be a bride to get this astonishing art. Any girl can get her choice of Henna drawing.

Location: Giza

Instagram: Henna By Fayrouz

Hadeer Khalil Henna Artist

Although she’s known for her bridal Henna, Hadeer Khalil can execute any drawing you like no matter what the occasion is. You can choose Khaliji, Kuwaiti, Yemenian, Sudanese, or Indian Henna art and she’ll get it done for you.

Instagram: Hadeer Khalil Henna Artist

Phone: 01154195423

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Shahinda Henna Artist

Shahinda is another amazing artist who can draw fabulous Henna art for any bride no matter how difficult the drawing is. And again, her art doesn’t only include brides; you can also draw whatever you like regardless of the occasion.

Location: Cairo

Instagram: Shahinda Henna Artist

Phone: 01030793973

Azza Henna Makeup Artist

If your special occasion calls for Henna and makeup, you can easily trust that Azza will do everything you want. Your hands and legs will be celebrating with you, thanks to her fabulous drawings and wonderful execution.

Instagram: Azza Henna Makeup Artist

Phone: 01147778380

Shaimaa Medhat Henna Artist

For whimsical, unique Henna art, Shaimaa Medhat is the one for you. Started her business seven years ago, Shaimaa is one of the best in her profession because of how talented she is and how professional the whole experience is. Whatever comes to your mind can be your next body art.

Location: Ismailia

Instagram: Tattoos by Shimaa Medhat

Phone: 01274658797

Doaa Henna Artist

As soon as you check Doaa’s page, you’ll feel like you’re in an art gallery. Doaa is a brilliant Henna artist who can draw anything and everything, from small lilies to full-hand art. Just show her the drawing you like, and she’ll get it done for you easily.

Location: Dakahlia

Instagram: Doaa Henna Artist

Phone: 01019197616

Henna art is one of the most beautiful things that girls can have on their bodies. There’s something to Henna that makes whoever is wearing it look even more beautiful and attractive. No wonder why plenty of brides like to draw Henna on their wedding nights. If you don’t want to get a permanent tattoo, we totally recommend these trusted places. It is your chance to allow your body to enjoy art.




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