Everything You Need to Know About Filling Collagen Silk Threads
Mariam Youssef
2/24/23, 1:00 PM

The world of skincare is getting bigger and bigger every day, introducing more products and treatments to make people look their best. Some treatments may include needles or be a bit painful yet provide amazing results. However, today’s skin treatment is for those who dislike surgeries or needles. You’ve probably seen Instagram reels and TikTok videos with people having white threads melting into their wrinkles, making them look younger. Well, these white threads are called filling collagen silk threads and they’re in trend now, so let’s find out more about them, what they do, and what their effect is.

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What is this treatment?

Filling with collagen silk threads is a contemporary European avant-garde treatment that made it possible to fill in wrinkles and fine lines. Your wrinkles will be significantly reduced with this innovative method, and you'll see results right away. This procedure is non-invasive, natural, and needle-free. You’re expected to see immediate amazing results even after the first session. Although the treatment can be done only once, it is advised to be completed over the course of three sessions for even more ideal outcomes.

To accurately determine your needs and the areas that need to be addressed, you can get a consultation beforehand. The effects and results of the filling collagen threads are immediate and can last up to two months.

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What do collagen threads do?

- Collagen threads can make your wrinkles effectively invisible.

- Reduce fine lines.

- Boost collagen production, hence your skin looks youthful and supple.

- Make your skin firm and rejuvenated, which means that your skin won’t be sagging or loose.

- Brighten and smoothen skin.

- Provide moisture and increase elasticity.

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How to apply them?

Although filling collagen threads can be done at home, we recommend visiting a health care or beauty center, where you can receive this treatment from professional dermatologists. It is safe to do at home though. All you need to do is to apply the collagen threads directly on the wrinkles on your face and neck and use hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C serum to help them melt into your skin. Then, using an ultrasonic or high-frequency device, these threads get rubbed into your skin to increase their effectiveness.

What are the areas that can be treated?

- Lion wrinkle (between your eyebrows)

- Forehead

- Crow’s feet (side eye wrinkles)

- Nasolabial (side of your nose)

- Mouth contour

- Smile line

- Full lower face

- Dewlap of the neck

- Décolletage

How to find them?

On the one hand, there are several online beauty websites that sell collagen threads; however, we still recommend visiting a trusted beauty center to receive the proper treatment. You may also buy them from a trusted online website as long as you’re willing to try their products and use them on your face.

On the other hand, you can find this treatment in several clinics and beauty centers, where you can get it professionally done. After receiving this treatment, you can even follow with a facial to ensure that your skin is looking its best. The price differs from one place to another, so it is best to check with your dermatologist or a trusted clinic first.

Developing wrinkles and fine lines is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if it’ll help you feel better about yourself, you can surely go for this safe treatment since it doesn’t involve surgery or needles, and the results are immediate.

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