Maintaining that fresh ‘out of the shower’ odor in the hot sweaty summer is pretty tough. However, I am going to tell you seven ways to smell nice and fresh in the hot weather. These tips and tricks range from what to apply to your body, all the way to how to wash you clothes. Trust me, after trying out these ways, you can guarantee to smell fresh in the hot weather all day long.

1. Invest in a good fabric softener.

Whatever fabric softener you wash your clothes with, make sure it smells really good. That way, no matter how hot the weather, the smell of the fabric softener will be lingering on your clothes throughout the hot day. 

2. Place perfumed sachets in your drawer.

Keep some perfumed sachets in your socks, underwear or even jewelry drawer. They will add a nice scent to whatever you wear, which will appear during the hot weather. 

3. Get a beauty products set. 

Another trick to smell nice and fresh on a hot summer day is to keep a long lasting scent. You can do that by using a set of beauty products, for example the shower gel and body lotion of your favorite scent. Also, if you apply the body splash after applying the lotion to your skin, you will smell amazing all day long. 

4. Stock up on perfume roller balls.

Perfume roller balls are definitely a makeup bag must-have. They are small and come in handy when you want to smell nice in the hot weather. Just rub them on to your wrist, the back of your elbows and behind your ears, and walk confidently.

5. Scented hand sanitizer.

If there is one thing that every woman should have in her bag, it is hand sanitizer. Opt for a fresh and fruity smelling hand sanitizer, so when you apply some, it will give you a nice and fresh smell on hot summer days.

6. Maintain good breath. 

No matter what you do, always make sure you have good breath. Bubble gum, mints, or even some candy can be a great way to give off a nice smell on a hot summer day, You’ll emit a delicious scent, you’ve got to try it to believe it.

7. Shower before you head out.

The best way to smell nice and fresh in the hot weather, is to start your day with a shower. The shower gel and shampoo scent in your hair will definitely last you throughout the day.