7 Hair Trends You’ll Want to Stick to For Healthier Stronger Strands

Mariam Youssef
5/28/23, 12:30 PM

Hair trends are taking the world by storm, from wolf haircuts to balayage techniques to claw clips and pearls. Everyone wants to have a gorgeous hairdo and reflect their style. Trying to stay up with trends, however, may afflict people's hair tremendously. The search for some of the most stylish looks usually causes damage. Bleaching and frequent heat destroy the proteins in your hair.

However, the trends for 2023 are intended to promote a better, stronger head of hair. Many of us are focusing on restoring our hair and nourishing the new inches they are growing. Taking care of one's hair is the current favored beauty trend, from spa-like shower procedures to bedtime rituals. That said, we’ll get into the latest hair trends for fuller, stronger hair.

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Scalp chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation (also known as scalp peel) is used to get rid of dead skin cells and oils from the skin's surface and deeper layers. Many people now use similar treatments to address scalp buildup and discomfort. Acne-fighting skincare products can also help with scalp accumulation. However, it is still advised to use products designed for hair and scalp rather than those designed for the face.

As with face exfoliation, over-exfoliating your scalp might result in more difficulties than you began with. Once a week is fine, but every two weeks may be preferable. To moisturize your scalp and hair, use a leave-in conditioner or ordinary conditioner after these treatments.

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Bond Re-Building

Olaplex, a prominent product in the market, is guaranteed to strengthen and repair damaged hair by restoring bonds deep within the follicle that can be the cause of frizzy and easily split hair. Because of the success of the brand's collection of masks, conditioners, and sprays, several businesses have developed their own bond-building treatments.

Bond-building solutions are designed to mend these bonds, improving hair flexibility and frizziness. If you don't want to stop bleaching or coloring your hair, bond builders may restore and avoid damage, providing you with shinier, more nutritious hair.

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Massage for the scalp

Because the scalp is the core of good hair, it's no surprise that the top trends for 2023 are centered on the root. Regular scalp massages may help with hair development since a scalp massage causes hair follicle cells to expand and blood vessels to widen, resulting in thicker hair. Twice-daily scalp massages can promote healthy hair growth. Many people, however, have abandoned traditional scalp massages in favor of gua sha tools.

Acupressure on the scalp with gua sha tools helps enhance blood circulation to the scalp, promoting healthy hair development.

Natural homemade masks

When referring to dry, damaged hair, the major culprits are harsh substances and chemical treatment. Many people are turning to frequent hair mask treatments, particularly DIY ones done at home, to enhance the appearance and texture of their hair. Hair masks may assist in the delivery of nutrients that result in healthier hair. They can absorb as many beneficial substances as possible when applied directly to the hair. Just ten minutes once every week is enough; if you do it more often, you may end up with negative consequences.

Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases may not be new to you, but they’re always recommended when it comes to hair care as they support your hair to retain moisture, which reduces frizz. Silk is also a friction-free material, allowing your hair to slide freely over your pillowcase as you sleep. That means less snagging and damage, and, as you might expect, less frizz. If you desire healthy, high-quality hair with less friction, this is a must-have. It is ideal for curly and wavy hair textures and is also beneficial to your face.

Rosemary oil

After becoming popular on social media, rosemary oil has quickly become a must-have for anyone trying to improve the health of their hair. Many people swear that rosemary oil is responsible for their hair becoming longer and thicker, as well as making their existing hair softer and shinier.

When applying rosemary oil, always use a diluting oil (like jojoba, argan, or olive oil), and never apply it directly to the scalp. Find rosemary-infused hair care products or make your own by incorporating the essential oil into your shampoos or leave-in conditioners. You'll see the effects if you use rosemary oil a couple of times per week.

Sleep with dry hair

If you didn't already know, our hair is at its weakest when wet. One alternative is to use a hair dryer to dry your hair before going to bed, but not everyone likes to use heat on their hair every single time they wash it. Microfiber hair towels are ideal for all hair types (particularly curly and thick hair), and covering your hair in one will significantly speed up the drying process.

It takes more than just applying products to your hair to make it healthy and strong. It’s important to commit to these treatments so you can see the desired results. Moreover, always be on the lookout for new hair treatments that can truly make a difference to your hair. While not every viral hair treatment will suit you, it’s recommended to test it and see if it is beneficial for your hair type.

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