So you're bored of your hair, the same style and color every single day, and want a drastic change; something new and fierce, right? You make the conscious decision of dying your hair a new color, instead of chopping it off and having to grow it out all over again. However, have you really thought this process through? Will your new red hair go through an awkward orange phase? After reading this article and following these six tips to take care of your colored hair, you can avoid that phase.

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1. Keep your hair healthy

Unhealthy hair, whether or not colored, will always not look good. After coloring your hair, try to do regular homemade hair masks to replenish your hair and keep it in tip-top shape.

2. Take caution when swimming in pools

Swimming pools contain high amounts of chlorine, which is already harmful for your natural hair. With artificially colored hair, chlorine can alter the hair color even more, or make dark colored hair fade faster. Wear a swimming cap or put your hair up in a bun before heading in for a dip.

3. Use the right shampoo and conditioner 

Color protecting shampoo and conditioners exist for a reason. It will not wash away the color, it is specifically created to help the color remain and not fade away. 

4. Ditch the 'do it yourself' hair coloring

When doing a major hair color change, make sure it is done by a professional to cause less damage to it, assuring you get long lasting results.

5. Use leave-in conditioners

Colored hair is usually dryer and harder to style than natural hair. Make sure to use a leave-in conditioner after showering. It will hydrate your hair and make it feel smoother. 

6. Monitor color changes

Of course you need to look out for any changes that happen in your hair color, that way you can head to the salon for little touch ups every five weeks, and avoid the awkward colored hair. 

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