Yes, you can really reduce unwanted body hair growth after removal. So, if you really want your body hair growth to slow down, then you should dedicate some time and effort to do so. We’ll help you know about the best ways to reduce body hair growth after removal, and how to make it grow lighter and weaker.

1. Forget about the razor if you want to reduce your body hair growth:

We know that shaving is much faster and less painful when it comes to hair removal, but the results are never satisfying. Your hair grows back sharp and dark, and it grows back really fast too! So hear us up...the best way to make your body hair grow slower is by waxing or sugaring. It might be painful, but it’s definitely worth it. After a while, your hair will grow back lighter, and weaker.

2. Use lemon juice to reduce your body hair growth:

Before you remove the unwanted body hair, use lemon juice on the outside body parts you want to make the hair disappear from. And then start sugaring or waxing. This way your hair will grow back slower, lighter and weaker.

3. Use papaya to reduce your body hair growth:

Papaya can help you get rid of unwanted hair, especially facial hair, how? Click here to find out about the magical effect of papaya on your unwanted body hair!