Because life is a journey that we all wish to enjoy, it's a fact that all of us want and need to feel younger all the time in order to be able to proceed with our lives. We dislike the fact that the chaos and busyness of our daily lives may leave marks on our faces in the form of wrinkles. It's true that youth comes from within, however, coming across wrinkles by chance in the mirror isn't really the happiest moment for any woman.

Whether you can't afford it, or you have Tomophobia -the fear of surgeries, this article is mainly for each lady who seeks anti-aging solutions without having to undergo medical operations. Not only that, but also all the tips mentioned are 100% natural and doable at home! Follow up, and see the magic happen!

1. The 3-step sleeping tip:

Because first things are always first, we should focus on how our daily routine looks like in the first place, especially when it comes to sleep. So here are the three steps you can do -both before and during sleep that will help reduce your wrinkles in a noticeable way. First, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER sleep before wiping off any remaining makeup on your face. Secondly, try to always sleep on your back. There is actually such a thing as a pillow-induced type of wrinkles caused by sleeping on either of your sides due to pressuring your facial skin for hours across the pillow. That may cause your skin to stop being flexible which is why sometimes you wake up with lines appearing on your face. Lastly, always make sure to get enough sleep, this contributes a lot in how fresh and bright your skin will look like! It will also eliminate dark circles that are primary signs of exhaustion and aging!

2. A liter of water a day, keeps the wrinkles away:

Before I ask you to hydrate your skin, I will definitely drag your attention towards what's more basic about hydration first. This is, of course, hydrating your body internally in terms of drinking water. Unfortunately, most of us forget to drink water, and some may think that other beverages can replace the amount of water we need on a daily basis. The truth is, plain pure water is necessary for it has the essential minerals to keep our bodies balanced and hydrated. Just like youth comes from within, hydration does as well. So, always remind yourself to drink at least 1-2 liters of water, which means around 8 glasses.

3. Natural moisturizers that will beat your pricey lotions/creams:

It's time to move to this tip, which is how to hydrate/moisturize your skin using only natural products and also without having to pay too much money. The natural and healthy move has spread now which is a step forward in the beauty world. We all know that coconut oil is a joker with numerous benefits. Add to its magic that it works amazingly as a moisturizer. You can also consider Argan oil which is suitable for you if your skin is already oily since it's a much more dryer oil than that of the coconut. It's also full of antioxidants, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Last but not least, natural moisturizing masks such as Avocado Honey MaskPeaches & Cream MaskGelatin & Egg White Mask are extremely effective. You can try any of them at home. Their names include their ingredients so now you have no excuse!

4. The naturally-boosting collagen ingredient:

Its name is Gelatin. You probably heard of it, but here is what you might not know: Gelatin is made of cooked collagen. As a reminder: collagen is the substance which when decreased from our bodies, wrinkles appear. So, by following this tip, you're practically regaining your collagen by taking gelatin supplement-preferably everyday, and this could be done by adding it to your morning juice or sprinkling it on your yogurt or cereal. You can simply add it to anything! Just make sure that you get a good quality gelatin extract, preferably from grass-fed, carefully-farmed animals since this is an animal by-product at the end of the day.

5. The fruits and vegetables that we had no idea will make us look younger:

Vitamin C is the keyword. Studies has shown that people who take more vitamin C in their daily nutrition, are less likely to wrinkle. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, but there are specific ones that are considered as top sources for it. These sources include citrus fruits (mainly orange, lemon and tangerine), guava fruits, kiwi, berries, peppers, dark green leafy veggies (especially kale) and broccoli.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @nouraridaofficial