I cannot tell you the amount of times I was putting on makeup for my Hijabi friend and as I approached a red or pink eyeshadow she squealed "No! This will look horrible when I put my hijab on." With some persuasion and a foundation of trust, I convince her and she tries it and it ends up looking epic. 

It is a huge misconception that dramatic, intense makeup looks do not look good with the hijab. Don't shy away from doing an intense smokey eye or having a pop of color. There really are no limits to what you can play around with. Your hijab can even elevate your eye makeup and make it look a lot more interesting and elegant. So you can find below some proof of dramatic eye makeup looks with hijab that look absolutely stunning. 

Get out your brushes and your colorful eyeshadow palettes that you've left in the back to your drawer and start playing!