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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Five Fashion Tips to Dress Your Post-Pregnancy Body in a Flattering Way

Everyone tells you what you should wear to look chic while pregnant, but the true dilemma is after giving birth. Post-pregnancy many women suffer! You want to rush back into your old clothes to feel like yourself again, but then you get disappointed because you still haven’t lost the baby weight yet. Does this seem relatable?

First, let me tell you that’s it’s perfectly normal for your post-pregnancy body not to lose weight instantly, you just have to work around things until you get back in shape. So let’s see how you can dress your post-pregnancy body to feel fresh again.

1. Enjoy the supersized trend while it lasts!

Mom jeans, over-sized sweaters, over-sized jackets and wraps are so in right now, so embrace this trend because it’s not only comfortable, it’s so chic if you do it the right way. Super-sized tops hide your belly fat, and give you the opportunity to wear something tighter bottoms, to give your body a proportional look.  

2. Ditch the jeans, and wear a dress.

The feminine look is back, and every street style star has been sporting a dress in many different styles. So go out of your comfort zone, and start wearing dresses for your post-pregnancy body. But avoid empire dresses, as they’ll make you look pregnant, try something with a straight cut, and if you want to wear a tight dress just make sure you wear an over-sized vest to hide any extra weight.

3. Forget low rise pants.

Low rise pants are unflattering for a woman’s body in general, not only women who just gave birth, so picking high-waisted pants will give you a trendier look and a more comfortable feeling while you move. I recommend you wear them with a long top or a supersized blazer or denim jacket.

4. It’s okay if you still can’t bear high heels!

One of things you’d want to rush back into after giving birth is your high heels, but it might cause you pain and imbalance at this point. Wear shoes with a very low heel if you don’t like flats, they’ll do the trick until you gain back your strength.

5. Drape a scarf over your belly.

Layering is a great trick to hide your belly fat, so draping a scarf to hide your belly fat is a very cool way to compliment your post-pregnancy body.

Now that you've read these tips on how to dress your post-pregnancy body, scroll through to see some outfit ideas you can wear after giving birth to your precious little one.

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