How to cut my husband's hair at home? A question that has been asked by so many women during the quarantine because of Covid-19 because they certainly don't want their husbands or little boys to go to the hairdresser's. So today, we decided to change things up a bit and show you step by step how to cut men's hair at home with clippers and scissors.

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How to Cut My Husband's Hair at Home

Initially, let's agree that you are not required to do a fantastic hairstyle on your husband, all you have to do is trim and cut the hair, and you can do so through the following steps...

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You will need:

- Clippers/Electric shaver

- Hair scissors

- Spray bottle

- Comb

Note: Before starting, keep in mind that the hair should be shaved gradually from the bottom up, so that it is short at the bottom and increases in length as we go up...


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1. Wash your husband's hair with shampoo and conditioner and comb it really well.

2. Rinse his hair and try not to let it dry. The more wet the hair is the easier it will be to cut.

3. Have a spray bottle with water next to you, so you can soak the hair whenever it starts to dry up. 

4. Look for a good place to sit, preferably facing a mirror, with good lighting.

5. Use the clippers to shorten the hair at the back of the head, depending on his preference. If he likes his hair long, you can use only scissors to just trim the edges. But in any case, make sure you clean the neck from behind.

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6. Begin trimming the hair at one side only, as you can begin to trim and shorten the hair at the top of his head as well.

7. After you're done, move to the other side and do the same.

8. Make sure that both sides are equal and let your husband have a look and point out any unevenness.

9. Move up to the top of the head, using your fingers between the strands, straightening them upwards until you can see them clearly.

10. Use scissors to balance out and even out the hair in this area.

11. Comb the hair again and make sure everything's even.

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How to cut men's hair at home video tutorial:

How to Cut Little Boys' Hair at Home

If you have a little boy and you want to cut his hair at home, it can be a little difficult to keep him patient and still, so before you start anything, make sure you ask your husband to help you out.


- Comb

- Electric shaver/Clippers

- Spray bottle

- Hair Scissors

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Be careful: All the tools must be sterilized before use, in order to ensure the safety of your husband and son.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @husseinabdeldayem