Funny Relatable Quarantine Memes and Gifs to Cheer You Up

Farida Abdel Malek
4/6/20, 12:00 AM

Okay, so we need a little laughter these days to boost every ounce of dopamine left. Is there anything funnier, more universal and relatable than memes? We love ending our days with a scroll though social media looking at the most relatable and funny quarantine memes and gifs. If you need a good laugh or a friend needs cheering up, take a look or send this their way.

You can also take this quiz to find out which classic movie you should watch to cheer you up.

1. Binge watching everything

...and that's like every show of the 900 we've watched since March. Anyone else almost done with their 'to watch' list?

Here's our list of the most addictive Netflix shows...

2. Pj's are now couture

I mean I can honestly say, it feels glorious. I feel like a brand new woman.

If you need to change into something other than Pj's, here's how to style your sweatpants.

3. When your sister starts baking...

Just smile, nod and try to swallow...

We have some basic essential recipes to help you both out.

4. Couples stuck at home...

Girl! Get that remote away from him! or grab one yourself...

5. Pretty much what FaceTiming friends looks like everyday...

If you can't go out for lunch together, bring lunch to the screen.

6. Don't you feel like it's kind of starting to look like The Hunger Games?

Serious Hunger Games fans will relate.

7. Introverts were happy at first and then...

If you don't know one, you are one.

8. Dogs are really happy right now

9. Speaking of dogs...

Brb, adopting a dog right now.

10. Working from home with kids...

You are heroes...truly.

Here are some actives to help keep them entertained.

11. Working from home with no kids...

We're going to need some exercises to fix that neck...

12. Also, no...we're not happy.

It was nice at first, but then no. Just no.

If you're struggling to work from home, take a look at this.

13. It's the little things, really.

14. When you're missing your glam and going to the supermarket is the only chance you get to dress up...

15. This really speaks for itself...

If you're missing your coffee order, get to know how you can make Starbucks coffee at home!

16. And finally...

We had to conclude with a Mohanad AlHattab video because frankly, he's been making us cry with laughter all month. 



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