Most of us now are sitting at home looking for new ways to feel good throughout the day, while still staying comfortable, because let's face it, wearing jeans at home isn't the best. Even though sweatpants are frowned upon, we can't resist their comfiness and you can actually get very nice chic loungewear looks if you know how to style sweatpants. So let's talk about the different ways you can wear sweatpants.

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Here's how to style sweatpants:

How to wear sweatpants for a formal look


We've seen a lot of fashion bloggers go to sweatpants, even for formal looks. These outfits are a great idea if you have an online business meeting but you still want to stay comfy. Throw on a blazer and a chic sweater and you're good to go. For when you're going out, you can actually pair it with heels.

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How to style sweatpants during unstable weather


If you're having trouble understanding the weather these day, sweatpants are actually a great option. They could keep you very warm if you wear them with a coat or jacket. But you also won't feel too hot if you just have it on with a light sweater or shirt. They look really cool with fur jackets and trench coats.

How to style sweatpants for a monochrome outfit


A lot of fashion bloggers found it best to wear sweatpants with a monochrome look. It's a perfect loungewear look that is also very on trend. This looks great with sneakers or even boots. We love how Rahaf Elshami gave a little contrast with her hijab.

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