We often take traditions, culture and beauty rules as they are, without questioning if they fit who we are now or if they fit the day and age we're in now. Having your hair straightened or blow dried for special events, especially your wedding day has always been a given. Now we're starting to see changes and some people have started to finally appreciate the beauty of natural curly hair for bridal and evening looks.

Embracing natural curls has been seen through many celebrities like Beyonce, Zendaya and Myriam Fares. Seeing how these women embrace their natural hair on red carpets and stages inspired us and many women to start thinking about why we haven't been doing that. Why has curly hair not been considered beautiful and elegant enough for important events and for brides?

We've come across a lot of brides that have chosen to rock their natural hair on their wedding day and looked absolutely stunning. We've also came across hairstylists like Yara Abdeen, a makeup artist and curly hairstylist who have done special curly hairstyles for brides.

There are no limitations to how you can style your natural hair for a special evening gown event or as a bride. Updos can look stunning and extremely elegant with a few strands of bouncy curls let loose, and if you're a bride, headpieces and veils look like an ethereal dream over your curly hair.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @lamismagdy