I remember really well when a friend of mine was getting married a couple of months ago, and a member of our squad suggested a braided hairstyle, which led to our bride bursting in laughter. Her reaction was like "No really, how should I style my hair on my big day? I'm being serious!

Well, it's not actually a joke to braid your hair on your wedding day; braids can add much more magic than you think! Most brides tend to choose from sophisticated hairdo's thinking that this is what will make her hair bridal and special. However, no one actually chooses simple ideas which end up being just as unique.

Our friend ended up totally convinced that it was the right choice to braid her hair for a special bridal look, after she saw a bunch of different, non traditional brides who made the same choice. I've brought you these photos so that you can see what it took her to change her mind:

Main Image Credits: Modwedding