The thought of shopping for a wedding dress on a budget can be quite stressful, but not if you're all prepared! It's okay to stick to a tight budget for your wedding dress, it surely doesn't have to come at a big cost. Don't get overwhelmed, as I've got you covered with the best tips to find your wedding dress on a budget. Read all the way to know how to plan right, and buy the perfect wedding dress.

1. Start doing your research early.

If you have absolutely no idea about the average cost of wedding dresses, then you need to do some homework! You'll find a wide variety, but you can browse online, hit a bridal boutique or get in touch with a bridal fashion designer. This should be your starting point, to figure out how much you're willing to spend.

2. Set a budget.

Shopping for your wedding dress without a set budget will drive you crazy! As you start the wedding planning journey, set a budget for your wedding dress. That way you can decide if you'll need to cut down other wedding-related costs.

3. What's your bridal style?

It's time for some more research! Create a folder on your phone and save all the wedding dress photos you like, then go through them and you'll kind of figure out what your dream wedding dress would look like. Hint: You may end up getting a totally different style, so be open for choices!

4. Schedule appointments.

Now it's time to start trying on wedding dresses. Based on your research, begin with the silhouettes you like, and know if they actually suit you or not. The most important tip here, is to not get tempted to try on wedding dresses that are above your budget! Also, try to target shops that are within your budget from the start.

5. Choose your bridal entourage - wisely!

Just because she's your best friend doesn't mean she can join your bridal appointment. Don't have an overcrowded group, and anyone who always criticizes or gives negative comments is off limits! You don't need that kind of vibes, specially if you're constrained with a budget.

6. Ask about special discounts.

Try to check bridal boutiques that do annual sales/sample sales or have sections for marked-down wedding dresses. You could be up for an amazing bargain! You can also ask the bridal boutiques if there's any room to negotiate prices.

7. Don't forget the other costs!

If you're shopping for a wedding dress on a budget, you must consider other costs, such as alterations, the shoes, the wedding veil, etc. Don't allocate all your budget to the wedding dress, to find yourself stuck later on!

8. Walk away if needed...

Don't feel pressured to buy a wedding dress just because it fits your budget. If you don't love the wedding dress 100%, then don't rush and place an order at all!

9. Consider shopping online.

Did you know that many brides shop online nowadays? It's more popular than ever, and in fact, you can find amazing wedding dresses at great prices! P.S. Stay tuned, as I'll soon share with you the ultimate guide to shop for a wedding dress online.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @eleganzasposa_