It’s the big day tomorrow, your dream wedding that you’ve been planning since you were six! But we all know sometimes weddings can go wrong for the silliest reasons. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen and here are 10 things you should never do on the night before your wedding.

1. Don’t remove hair

Hair removal should be done at least a couple of days ahead of your wedding day and never ever on the night of your wedding because it can cause breakouts and irritation.

2. Don’t try new products

Don’t try new skincare products, this can go wrong and cause you chemical burns, breakouts or irritation as well. Also try to avoid any harsh scrubs on your body and harsh exfoliation on your face. 

3. Don’t stay up late

Staying up late is the last thing you want to do, your skin needs beauty sleep for the big day. You don’t want to look exhausted so make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

4. Don’t get stressed

Don’t do or engage in any activity that will cause you stress. Try to avoid getting into any arguments or quarrels or even watch a movie that makes you cry. The before the big day should be about relaxing and focusing on the happy details and enjoying the moment.

5. Don’t over-eat

Don’t eat too much or eat heavy food. Your stomach will be very sensitive on this day so treat it well.

6. Don’t over-sleep

You should get enough sleep but not too much sleep, if you do so you might end up feeling tired and dizzy the next day.

7. Don’t exhaust yourself

This is really important. You need every bit of energy saved for your wedding day. So don’t work out too much or go out and walk a long distance or any other physical activity.

8. Don’t consume too much caffeine or tobacco

Don’t ever drink too much caffeine, and try to limit it to the usual morning cup of coffee and if you smoke make sure to not exceed your usual limit.

9. Don’t try on the dress 

Your dress should be kept safe in a safe place, don’t take it out and try it on a a lot to avoid any accidents in this critical time.

10. Don’t order takeout

Eating is important so don’t skip your three basic meals and make sure to eat at home and not anywhere else to avoid getting sick on your wedding day.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @davidsbridal