A wedding gown is almost every girl's dream. It's also imagined differently depending on how each girl wishes to show up on her big night. Despite this, some girls may fall in the trap of choosing a style that doesn't suit her body shape.

A lot of girls' dream wedding gown is of the huge princess-y style, thinking that this is the only way that they may look like queens. However, it's all about choosing what's suitable for you as a bride. So here are the conditions that will give you the green light to wear a ball-gown wedding dress:

1. Pear or slender body shape:

If you think you lack curves, create them! Princess style gowns are pretty forgiving when it comes to creating or hiding curves. It's suitable for both a bride who feels more comfortable concealing her curves or one who loves to emphasize them. So, whether you have a pear-shaped body or a slender one, a ball-gown wedding dress will perfectly fit you!

2. Any size but petite brides:

Yes! Petite brides definitely should avoid this style. Wait, don't panic. We've got the solution for you. If you want to feel like a princess there is a similar style that is made for you. An A-line flowy wedding gown is what will match you best. If you choose it to be tulle, I can guarantee you a 100x more magical dress than the princess style!

3. Indoor Weddings:

Now you followed the upper two tips but your night will be a beach wedding. Oops! You should know that huge wedding dresses are more suitable for an indoor venue, you won't be able to walk through sand or stones in your large dress, of course. Also, a closed hall will be air-conditioned which won't make you suffer the heaviness of your gown or ruin your enjoyment because you feel too warm or stuffy! However, if you are already decided and booked a beach wedding, make sure to have the venue equipped with non-slippery, hard floors for you to move on. Avoid walking on grass, sand or any other irregular flooring while you're in your princess dress to avoid any embarrassing fall!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lebaneseweddings