9 Tips for the Petite Bride to Get the Perfect Wedding Day Look

Farida Abdel Malek
6/28/18, 12:00 AM

Petite brides tend to panic when it's time to pick their wedding dress because they're afraid they're going to drown in their gorgeous gown. We gathered some tips that are unconventional and might surprise you and give you the confidence to rock your wedding day look if you're a petite girl.

1. Try on all types of wedding dresses, even if you think something won't suit you. Just try it on, you might be very surprised what you end up loving.

2. Once you try on the dress, make sure it doesn't drown you. Even if you like the design and details, keep in mind that pictures might hide your figure.

3. Don't go for a dress that visibly divides your figure at the waist. Go for something that's figure hugging as it elongates and flows down your body delicately.

4. If your dress is really long, go for a shorter and less full veil so you don't have to worry about both things taking away from your figure.

5. You could show some skin to give your look more dimension and not have the layers and fabric distract the eyes from YOU!

6. Don't be afraid to go for the short dress. A lot of brides have been going for trending unconventional  wedding looks. Try a short dress that might be more flattering to your body shape and reflect your fun personality. 

7. If you still want to have your big moment in a long gown, look for transformation wedding dresses. Have your moment, then remove the train and have it short to dance freely all night.

8. It might be super tempting to wear high heels because you want to appear taller, but keep in mind that the night is long. So, go for a wedge or wedge sneakers to give you that added length but with comfort.

9. Also, don't be hesitant towards flats. Try your dress on with heels and flats, you might end up loving the flats just as much or maybe even more.

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