For a girl who has always dreamed of her fairytale wedding in a princess gown, will want her dress to have all the puffiness it can handle. Along with that, she also can't wait to dance all night with her friends, family, and new hubby. The weight of a ball bridal gown could be very exhausting for the bride and if there's a way to make the night less tiring, then our bride-to-be's will be excited to hear about them. 

We got tips from a bride that recently got married in a very stunning, va-va-voom Iman Saab wedding dress. Menna El Fakahany went for the ball gown style because she believes "the bigger the dress, the smaller you look," however, she was really concerned about the big day because she knew how heavy her dress was, but the experience turned out a lot easier than she thought, and here's what she said about it:

1. Wearing a ball gown gives you the green card to wear whatever you want, so, choosing to wear platform shoes really helped me a lot. Don't wear heels with a puffy dress! That's the worst thing you can do to yourself on that night, it puts all the weight on your back. 

2. I've always worked out and that helped me so much too, because, there's always a misconception that high heels hurt the feet the most, while, back pain is the one thing you should worry about, it has nothing to do with the legs. So the more strength you have the easier it is. My legs were free.

3. When your legs do get tired at the end of the night, you have to master the art of how to dance with your arms!

4. Plenty of leg space is so important, but honestly, that's on the designer. In a way, under all that puffiness there was actually nothing. So, I could dance under there freely with my legs. It was held away from my legs by a very stiff cloth that was all around the dress from the inside, which helped prevent me from tripping.

5. The dress is actually really heavy, my husband and I had to put it back in its box the day after, and we had to lift it together. So, it weighed a lot, but I didn't feel it at all while I was wearing it. It was made in a way to feel really light on me. 

6. I think most of the heavy embellishment should be focused on the upper half of the dress as much as possible. Because big dresses are really bottom heavy and difficult to move in, so, having the artwork and heaviness distributed evenly at the bottom makes it easier.