We talked before about the things you should never do the night before your wedding, now we want to focus on more positives and some things that are essential to get started on the night before, as well as, some things that can relax your mind and body. Of course nothing is absolutely crucial and you can always pick the things that you find suit you better, but this list might help you feel a little bit better if you're getting tired and overwhelmed. So here are 11 things you should do the night before your wedding:

1. Parsley for Bloating

If water retention and bloating is a concern, steeping parsley in warm water or with tea will save you. Parsley helps aid the loss of water and salt in your body and it also helps prevent gas. So try it out a couple of days before the wedding, and if it works make sure to add it on your list that night.

2. Manicure

Get your manicure done the night before, you don't want to be worrying about smudging your nails on your wedding day, since you'll be getting ready starting really early in the morning. Also, get your manicure done at night so that you can keep it fresh for as long as possible, just don't have it done right before bed so that the pillows and covers don't ruin it.

3. Your Wedding Gown Underskirt

Even though you should be staying away from your wedding dress and not trying it on too much, just put on your underskirt to make sure it's not irritating your skin or causing you any discomfort, so you can fix it as soon as you can. 

4. Break in Your Wedding Shoes

Walk around in your shoes for a while so that you can minimize the discomfort during the wedding. Let them start to take in the shape of your feet and get yourself used to movement with them on. 

5. Relaxing Herbal Teas

Lavender and chamomile herbal teas are your best friend for when you want a natural, healthy way to relax. They really soothe the body, which can in return allow you slow down and calm your body and mind. 

6. Netflix

Yes, you should really watch something. Preferably something funny and completely unrelated to weddings or marriage. Something that will not get you tense, that is relaxing funny or will distract you and have you thinking and invested in it. Taking your mind off of things will really help you that night. 

7. Spend Time with Your Mom or Loved One

Take that time to spend quality time with the people you're gonna miss the most. Your mom, dad, siblings or friend and family.

8. Bath and Moisturize

Prep that dream bath that will completely relax your body with luscious oils and hydrating, beautifully scented bath bombs or bubble bars. Make sure you also moisturize your body heavily that night because the next day you don't want to have anything staining your dress to sticking to your body if it's still a bit oily.

9. Face Mask

Do a face mask that you love and trust, never try something new! You never know how your skin will react to it...so, pick something that you've seen effective instant results with. Something that will hydrate your skin, give it glow and smooth out any imperfections.

10. Try to Sleep

We know it's really hard but don't decide or give in to the idea that you won't be able to sleep. Try to get in a relaxing mood, watch something that gets you sleepy and the herbal teas really work as well. Try as much as you can to get some few hours of sleep.

11. Pamper Yourself

This is the perfect time to really spoil yourself, get really pampered and take care yourself. Take advantage of all of bridal privileges, It's your time to be treated like a queen. Also we recommend getting a massage, nothing too harsh, so your muscles aren't sore the next day, but a soft one that can help relax you and get you to sleep. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @negin_mirsalehi