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| by Jasmine Kamal

Orange Can Quench Your Thirst but It Can Take Care of Your Skin, Too!

I used to suffer from my dry skin and pale complexion for quite some time, when I was coincidentally chatting with a friend the other day about the issue and knew from her that she used to have the same problem. She started telling me how orange bath can provide my skin with magical nourishment, and I was like "orange, as in... orange?" She ensured me that yes, orange, the fruit, can be used to create a healthy bath providing those 5 benefits for your skin:

1. As we know, oranges contain a lot of anti-oxidants which provide the skin with purity and clarity. These anti-oxidants will make your skin look healthier and fresher if you stay in a bath full of water and sliced oranges from 20-30 minutes. Try it and you'll immediately notice how fresh your skin is.

2. The acidity in the lemon helps you get rid of dead skin cells. Accordingly, your skin will feel baby-smooth right after you finish your bath. This orange bath is also suitable for you if you have dry skin since it hydrates your skin and body.

3. No doubt, the quantity of vitamin C that your body gets exposed to during the bath helps your body increase the amount of collagen secretion. As you might know, collagen is the main ingredient that lessens skin wrinkles and aging signs.

4. Yes, orange bath has immediate effects, however, if you need long term benefits, this bath will make your body detox. That's why it is recommended to do it not just once but consider it as an essential skin care routine.

5. Just like you order a lemonade if you need to calm down and refresh yourself, orange is a citrus fruit that can be an excellent anti-stress element for your body, providing it with the needed relaxation and helping it become less affected by daily anxieties and stresses.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marta__sierra 

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