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Seven Reasons to Eat Oranges Every Day

Heba Abohemed
2/10/18, 12:00 AM

I personally don't need reasons to eat oranges every day. I just happen to love oranges! Whether it's orange juice, orange slices, or even in a fruit salad, oranges are my favorite fruit during the winter. Having one orange everyday, will give your body the right amount of energy and vitamin C. Wait I'm not done yet, there are more reasons to eat oranges every day, so read along...

1. Oranges are full of antioxidants, which make you have fresh clear skin, and keep chronic diseases away. 

2. Another reason to eat oranges every day, is that it has vitamins C and A, that are good for your eye sight and health in general.

3. Oranges are known to improve brain cells activity, because the fruit has folate and folic acid. It's also advised that pregnant women have at least one orange per day, in order to protect the baby from stress and mood swings.

4. Having an orange every day can beat possible heart diseases, as it's full of flavonoids that reduce cholesterol levels, hence maintaining a normal blood pressure and treating blood clots.

5. Oranges are considered one of the fruits that can truly soothe an irritated stomach, because they have so many fibers which prevents stomach ulcers and constipation.

6. If you suffer from hair loss, make sure to eat an orange every day, because the collagen present in oranges can boost hair growth greatly.

7. Drinking fresh orange juice regularly can protect your body against any future kidney disease or the formation of kidney stones. However, make sure to reduce the amount of sugar you add in the orange juice in order not to result in teeth cavities.

P.S. When peeling the oranges, make sure to keep the inner white lining surrounding the orange because it is as nutritious as the fruit itself.


Heba Abohemed

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