Yes, summer has started, and I have been drinking watermelon smoothies, but I can't wait for the mangos to make an appearance. There is something about eating a mango, and making a mess out of my hands and smelling like a mango all day long. Mango is the summer fruit, and like most fruits, mangos have lots of benefits.

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1. It is delicious, therefore it will make you happy

2. One of the amazing benefits of mango, It is filled with antioxidants to protect your body from viruses, flu, etc.

3. Benefits of mangos for health: Are you bored of oranges? Load up on mangos instead, as they are filled with Vitamin C. 

4. Benefits of mangos for eyes:  You know how they say carrots are good for your eyes? Well so are mangos, they have Vitamin A and they promote good eye sight.

5. Now I am not saying ditch your facial appointment, but mangos can help unclog your pores, and rejuvenate your face.

6. As we approach July, the heat waves will be making an appearance. Be sure to load up on mangos, even making mango juice. It will help cool you down in the heat and prevent heat stroke.

7. One of my favorite products at The Body Shop is the mango body scrub. It will keep your skin super soft and it smells delicious. isn't that amazing benefit of mangos.

8. Mangos serve as the perfect healthy snack. They fill you up and keep you hydrated.