You’ve probably noticed that Shea butter is widely used as in ingredient in a lot of skincare products. So, I decided to tell you all the benefits of Shea butter for your skin, and why you should load up on it...

1. Protects the skin

Let's begin by saying that Shea butter is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin strengthening, and  UV protecting product.

2. Shea butter moisturizes the skin

One of the amazing benefits of Shea butter for your skin, is that is loaded with natural vitamins, so it nourishes and moisturizes your body really well.

3. Shea butter makes your skin SUPER smooth and soft

For all the ladies suffering from dry skin, Shea butter can literally transform your skin from dry to smooth. Make sure to apply Shea butter to your elbows and knees for a super smooth effect.

4. Shea butter heals your skin.

A great benefit of Shea butter, is that it can actually heal your skin, if you are suffering from a rash, sun burn or even insect bites.

5. Shea butter acts as a natural sun block

If you forgot your sunscreen don’t worry, Shea butter can act as a natural sunscreen from the harmful UV rays. 

6. Shea butter is a natural anti-aging product

No need to load up on numerous anti-aging products, Shea butter is considered as one of the best natural anti-aging products, preventing premature wrinkles and facial lines. 

7. No need for lip balm anymore

Once you try Shea butter on your lips, you will never go back. One of the benefits of Shea butter, is that it protects your lips from cold and dry weather, and reduces your chances of dry lips.

8. Shea butter maintains the skin elasticity

Trust me, this maybe of the most important benefits of Shea butter for your skin. It is loaded with vitamin F, which keeps your skin hydrated and soft thus maintaining its elasticity.

9. You can use Shea butter instead of shaving cream

Looking for a smooth and silky shave? Ditch your regular shaving cream and opt for Shea butter instead. 

10. DIY Shea butter scrub

Make your very own scrub by mixing Shea butter with coconut oil and brown sugar. Not only will you get rid of your dead skin cells, your skin will be ultra smooth. 

11. Shea butter takes care of cracked heels

Suffering from a cracked heel? Make sure you follow these steps on how to treat a cracked heel, then apply some Shea butter to it. Wear some socks overnight and you will notice a huge difference the next day.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @skincare