Your big day is right around the corner, and it could be very overwhelming, starting this whole new life, becoming a "Mrs', to all of the planning that comes with it. We can't forget about preparing your home for your new life, but I'm here to talk about everything wedding-related. You'll find everything you need here whether you're planning a large or small intimate wedding, can't decide on a wedding planner, or are going to skip the wedding planner. If you're feeling lost when it comes to wedding planning, this guide is for you.

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Wedding planner

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You probably have a million Pinterest boards on how you want your wedding theme to be by now, but you should first check your budget. Second, use Pinterest to get ideas and visualize what you want. In this guide, I will break down the things you need to arrange, but one thing I discovered that was very helpful in helping my friends plan their weddings was getting one of those bridal journals or downloading an app, which helped them so much. So here are 9 things to think about when planning your big day. 

1. Say yes to the dress

wedding dresses

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The dress is the main focus of the whole thing! The first thing you should think about is what kind of dress you want to wear on your wedding day, something that will fit your body shape and be comfortable to move and dance in.

Shoes, shoes, shoes, it'll be a long day of dancing and taking pictures, so consider the shoes you'll be wearing, whether its white sneakers, or you're planning on wearing heels for the entire night. If so, perhaps try to break them in before wearing them on your big day. A week before, wear your new heels around the house so they are comfortable on the big day or just for taking pictures then switching into something comfortable. The choice is entirely yours.

2. Don't forget to schedule your hair and makeup for your big day 

Bridal Makeup

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So, once you've decided on a date for your wedding, you should start looking for a make-up artist and hairdresser, and yes, you should book it at least three months in advance because if they're well-known, they'll most likely have a busy schedule and you'll want to get in. Another thing to consider is to test everything before the big day, for example, test how you want your make-up look, you can try it out when heading to a friend's wedding to really envision the look. Do you want something simple or something over-the-top, just try it out with the make-up artist before deciding anything, and remember when choosing a make-up look, think about what will look good in pictures.

Types of wedding veils

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For the hair, you have a variety of wedding veils to choose from, and depending on your choice, it is best to consider something that will complement your hairstyle, for example whether you will let your hair down or have a princess-like updo. If you have curly hair, you might want to wear it down on your wedding day. All of these decisions should be made after you've tried a few looks with the hairdresser and determined what looks good on you as well as what will complement the dress. Remember that you're going for a look in which everything complements each other, not everything unrelated to each other.

3. Let's talk about wedding themes, venues, and bridesmaids

wedding theme

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After discussing your budget with your partner, the part that most of us look forward to is the theme of your wedding, and Pinterest is your friend here. You can go look at images for inspiration and create your own board. Alternatively, if you intend to hire a wedding planner, you can check their Instagram to see if you like any of their previous work or if you want something customized just for you.

The venue is very important to consider, whether you want an outdoor venue, such as a garden with a pool or on the beach, or an indoor venue, such as in a hotel. Here your theme will play a huge role, as based on the venue, your wedding theme will complete the full image of your dream wedding.


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Another aspect of the wedding that you should consider is what colour dresses you want your bridesmaids to wear? Do you want them to go for your favourite colour, or something related to the theme you've chosen? Or do you want them to be dressed in different colours to make the scene more colourful and vibrant? You can even choose the design, such as whether you want them all to wear long dresses, short dresses, or a mix of both. Think about how you want the pictures to come out, so do some research, look at a lot of images to try and imagine how it would turn out.l  

4. Everything to do with flowers 

wedding flowers

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You must consider flowers that will complement the theme and colour scheme you have chosen for the bouquet you will be holding. For example, if your colour scheme is all different shades of blue, the flower bouquet could be light pink roses. Another thing to consider is that the flowers you will have around the venue should match the flower bouquet you will be holding so that everything feels cohesive and not random. Another thing to think about is whether you want real flowers or fake ones. Is there a difference, yes in the budget, but maybe not to the eyes of your guests. 

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5. Who are you inviting to your wedding?

Who will you invite to your wedding? Are you only inviting close friends and family, do you want it to be warm and cozy? Or are you going to choose the other option, which is to invite everyone you know in order to spread the joy of your wedding? The simplest thing you can do is sit down with your partner and start making a list of people you want to invite, and based on this list, you will know if it will be a cozy event or if you will invite a large number of people.

wedding invitations

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Invitations are something to think about, and here are a few ideas to get you started: You can create a website where people can check yes/no whether or not they will attend and whether or not they will bring a guest. Based on their responses, you will be able to estimate the number of people who will attend from those you invited or another easy option you can create a Facebook event. Another option is to go for printed invitations and send them to the guest to save the date, and it is also a nice way to show them that you want them to attend your wedding.

6. What are you going to dance on?

Music is actually a very important factor to consider, you want the majority enjoy the music and be having some fun on the dance floor. 

There are a few songs you should consider, such as what song should be playing in the background during the bride's first entrance. Will you go with something traditional or your favourite song? I think it's always very cute to dance to a song that means something to both of you on your first dance with your partner.  Don't forget about the father and daughter dance; this part of the wedding always gets to me because it's such a sweet moment between the bride and her father, and the song to it should be able to describe all of your emotions as well.

I always think it's best to make a playlist and give it to the DJ so they can understand your style of music and the music you want to be laying during the wedding. If you don't know which songs to put in this playlist, you can tell him which artists you don't mind hearing and which artists you don't want to hear at all.

7. You'll need someone to capture the moment

You will need a good photographer to capture each loving moment, just as you will need one for the photo session you will do before the wedding. It's best to sit with them ahead of time and agree on how you want the pictures to look so that you are not surprised when you take the pictures how they will turn out. You will need another photographer to take pictures throughout the wedding, as well as a videographer to capture the entire event in action, because when you return from your honeymoon, you will gather with your friends and watch the wedding together, which will be a fun thing to do, just like sharing all the funny situations that occurred during the day. 

8. Have you considered the guest book and favours?

wedding guest book

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A guest book is a very cute way for your guests to write and leave notes for you and your partner to look at later; it is usually placed in the entrance with cute pictures of you and your partner, candles, or anything else you and your partner like on this table. There are numerous ideas for guest books, but it is best to choose one that matches the theme. A personal favourite of mine is to place a polaroid camera and have guests take pictures of themselves, which they then stick in the book with a few cute words underneath.

wedding guest favors

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Guest favours are a nice gesture to thank everyone for coming if you have the budget for it. It can be as simple as a nice key chain with your wedding date engraved on it or as cute as small soaps that match the theme or maybe chocolate. 

9. What will you be eating on your wedding day?

Some venues provide their own catering services, while others require you to find one on your own. If you work with a wedding planner, they will usually handle this for you; however, if you have decided to skip the wedding planner and do everything yourself, it is now your responsibility to find catering companies. They usually have a menu to choose from; when it comes time to choose food for the buffet, consider foods that are universal and everyone loves, for example pasta. Or even consider making diverse stations of food around the buffet, for example asian food, vegetarian food, fish etc... 

wedding cake/cupcakes

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For the wedding cake I once read that each layer represents how much you love each other, but I'm not sure if that's true. People are no longer making wedding cakes with so many layers; instead, they are opting for cupcakes, which is a fantastic idea for all you cupcake lovers out there. The catering company will usually offer to make the cake. Do you want to make a candy table? It all comes down to you and your budget. However, these are points to think about.

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