Most of us grew up fantasizing about our special day, how we want our dresses to look, and the theme of the wedding, but when it came down to it, most brides felt lost, unsure of what theme to choose, what is trendy this year, or whether they want to make something trendy or something they will enjoy. I'm here to tell you that this day only comes around once in a lifetime, so it should be extra special. That is why you must think outside the box and choose a theme that will be memorable to both you and your partner. Here are some ideas to help you choose something unique for your wedding day. 10 creative wedding themes for 2021 to make your special day even more memorable.

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1. Destination themed wedding

Let's say you visited a country and fell in love with it so much that you wanted to make your wedding theme inspired by it, or you had a very good memory there, or you love their art and culture and felt on your special day you wanted to have a wedding theme based on that, and that is completely possible.

Dina Iskander, the wedding planner, wowed us with her Spain theme wedding; it felt like we were transported to Barcelona in the blink of an eye. Another wedding theme that drew our attention was a Santorini-inspired wedding theme by wedding planner Eman Sheta, and the all-blue color scheme made us feel like we were in Greece by the sea.

2. A fairytale-inspired wedding theme

Most of us grew up watching Disney princess movies and wished to be like them at some point, and when we played pretend games with our friends, we would each choose a favorite princess to play as for the day. You can make a childhood dream come true by planning a fairytale-themed wedding to tie the knot in a magical way.

A wedding theme inspired by Beauty and the Beast and the attention to the small details was just amazing, from the embroidered teapot and clock on the dress to the red bouquet flowers in the bridesmaid's hands.

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3. A wedding theme for sea lovers

For all you sea lovers out there, you can plan your special day around your passion for the sea. An under the sea theme and it will be full of colorful corals, the colors of the sea will bring happiness to those who chose this theme.

Who said your wedding has to be held on land? If you love the sea and want to do something different, you can have your wedding on a moving yacht, which will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

4. Arabian Nights themed wedding

If you've read One Thousand and One Nights and are fascinated by their lifestyle and culture, you can make your wedding day theme inspired by an Arabian night. They used a lot of velvet fabric and curtains with fringes, and their furniture was arabesque.

The Arabian Nights theme can also be influenced by Aladdin; I'm sure when we first saw the movie, we all fantasized about riding the flying carpet and having a genie grant our wishes. Why not make your childhood dream come true on your special day?

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5. A wedding with a vibrant theme

This theme is for brides who do not want a traditional wedding and prefer something colorful and fun. Some people believe that using bright colors will make people happy, and I completely agree.

The wedding that caught my attention had a lot of colorful balloons, and seeing pictures of it gave me instant joy.

6. A themed park wedding theme

This is a very joyful theme for both adults and the inner child in you. Who didn't enjoy going to a theme park as a kid? We all did it, and rode the carousel pretending the horses were real.

The famous Hassan Abou Elrouss and Ghada Wali married in June, and let's be honest, we all wanted to be invited to this wedding because it looked so much fun, and in Hassan's opinion, it was a Chicalastic wedding for sure!

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7. Astrology inspired theme wedding

If you are an astrological lover and believer and want your special day to have a theme of things you love, consider a wedding theme inspired by the sun, moon, and stars, with everything extra sparkly.

This wedding, which was full of sparkles everywhere, including the wedding gown, it definitely  wowed us all and gave us outer space vibes.

8. A beach wedding

If you love the beach and the summer, why limit yourself to an indoor venue when you could have an outdoor wedding right on the beach? I can see the entrance and the beach behind you being magical. and for the centerpieces, simply place as many seashells as you can.

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9. A rustic wedding theme 

The final wedding theme that will never go out of style and will always be full of new ideas is a rustic wedding theme, which is all about a natural color palette with plenty of organic shapes and textures. Consider wood, lace, flowers, and grasses to be rustic. Rustic-inspired weddings are stunning and can be incredibly romantic.

10. A safari-themed wedding 

If you enjoy being outside, you may be interested in going on a jungle adventure and seeing animals in the jungle. A safari-themed wedding is ideal for you.

This wedding will be filled with large plants like those found in the jungle, as well as possibly a couple of animal print chairs. It will undoubtedly be a new experience for you and your guests!

Main Image Credits: Arabia Weddings