Staple Spring Pieces From Your Winter Wardrobe
Mariam Youssef
3/2/23, 2:00 PM

Although we’re so ready to say goodbye to the freezing weather, we’re not yet ready to be separated from our beloved winter wardrobe. Luckily, spring is not too hot, so we can still utilize some of our winter clothes. In fact, spring is the perfect season where you can blend your winter and summer wardrobe together unapologetically to come up with amazing outfits. That said, we’ll share with you the staple spring pieces you need from your winter wardrobe.

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Button-down shirt

A relaxed-fit button-down shirt is probably a year-round staple. It is an amazing piece that works on its own or as a layering base. You can never go wrong with a white button-down shirt and a pair of jeans. You can always layer a sweater or a vest when it’s cold.


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Leather jacket

Leather jackets are a favorite of ours as they never fail to add edginess and uniqueness to any outfit. You can wear it on top of a striped T-shirt or a knitted sweater and pair them with a pair of mom-fit jeans and ankle boots for the most effortless spring look. Moreover, wearing a leather jacket on top of a summer dress is super elegant and cute.

Light knitwear

Don’t say goodbye to your knitwear just yet because it can be an essential part of your spring wardrobe. You can wear it on its own, on top of a white shirt, or underneath a trench coat or leather jacket. Make sure you use your light, round or V-neck knitwear instead of bulky one.

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Go-to jeans

No wardrobe is ever complete without a pair of denim pants. Whether you like straight-leg, high-waist, low-rise, or wide-leg blue wash jeans, they will certainly fulfill their purpose and you’ll never get sick of them.

Denim jacket or shirt

This piece has become a casual-cool staple in our closets recently. A relaxed or oversized-fit denim jacket or shirt is perfect for a transitional wardrobe. It is a perfect layering piece as well as a statement on its own.

Neutral blazer

Although Pantone’s color of the year is Viva Magenta, we can suggest other colors that work wonders with almost all outfits. Dark mint, Gobi Dunes beige, and winter lake gray can transform any simple outfit into an amazing one.

Belted trench coat

This is the best time for trench coats because they’re ideally lightweight but warm and cozy at the same time. You can never go wrong with a T-shirt, pair of jeans, and a trench coat when it’s chilly outside. Belted trench coats in specific tend to add a special touch of elegance to the entire outfit.

Cotton sweatshirt

While sweatshirts are awesome winter staples, light cotton ones can come in handy in the spring. Style yours with biker shorts and white sneakers for a feminine laid-back look or pair it with jeans and ankle boots for casual chic attire.

Knitted cardigan

You can wear your knitted cardigan on top of a T-shirt or button-down shirt. However, you can also wear it on its own as a cropped top and pair it with jeans. There are plenty of ways where you can style your knitted cardigan in the spring. Check these photos for inspiration.

Mini skirts

If you’re into styling your mini skirt with stockings and boots, then you’ll want to do the same in the spring. It’s a cute, feminine look that almost all girls love. You may wear a light-knitted cardigan or button-down shirt to complete this look.

Ankle boots

The best winter accessory that you can use in the spring has to be ankle boots. They’re not too wintery so they’ll provide you with the necessary warmth. They also look chic and will never fail to make your entire outfit look neater.

Which items do you like wearing the most from your winter wardrobe? Share your styling tips with us and let us know how you build your own spring wardrobe.

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