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Over 30 Halloween Costume Ideas for All the Hijabis out There!

Mariam Youssef
10/14/22, 3:00 PM

Apparently there's a Hijabi Instagram genius that creatively uses her headscarf to create different character looks that are beyond amazing. Her name is Sara or Queen of Luna and she always manages to make hijab-friendly Halloween costumes. Hijabis might think a Halloween costume is not really an option or that the options for hijab Halloween costumes are really limited. However, as you will see below, they are actually almost unlimited and there's space for so much creativity.

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Sara's looks might need some makeup skills or watching Halloween makeup tutorials because they depend so much on character building through the face. But you can still get a lot of ideas from how she uses her headscarf. There are also a lot of easier options below that are impressive and creative. You'll find yourself looking forward to Halloween so you can try them for yourself.

Use Your Hijab


There are plenty of smart ways to incorporate your hijab into your a Halloween look, such as the Cruella de Vil, Rapunzel, and Princess Leia. Play around with the colors and wrap to fit the idea you're going for. Using your headscarf to create the ambiance of hair is a brilliant way to impersonate any character you like, be it a Star Wars or Disney character. Moreover, you don't have to be a makeup pro to impersonate a character. Your headscarf will do most of the work.

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Get Creative With Makeup


Makeup is your secret weapon to create a unique Halloween costume. The power of makeup is fascinating and you may see a lot of looks that seem really hard, but you'd be surprised by what you can do if you follow a tutorial step by step. Don't forget that you can also do something simple and not complex at all like this glitter look in the middle. The thing about creating a spooky Halloween makeup is that you can go creative and do whatever you feel like. To make this easier for you, watch plenty of Halloween makeup tutorials and buy the necessary makeup tools to enable you to draw art on your face.

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Become a Disney Character

Disney isn't all about princes and princesses. There is a multitude of characters that you can impersonate from Disney either by playing with makeup, choosing a similar costume, or a little bit of both worlds. You can either follow in the footsteps of Queen of Luna and play around with your headscarf and makeup or let the girl in the middle be your inspiration to impersonate Maleficent with very little effort.

Anime-Inspired Looks

If you're into anime, you pretty much know how diverse and unique the characters are. The possibilities are endless with anime characters. You can draw the character on your face using makeup and face paint or you can go the extra mile and purchase an anime costume to complete the look. There are several stores that sell all kinds of Halloween costumes for all ages.

Turn Into a Famous Painting

Even if you're not into art and painters, some painting are extremely well-known to almost everyone, such as the Mona Lisa and The Girl with a Pearl Earring. Use your headscarf and simple makeup to turn yourself into a famous painting. While it would be tricky to turn yourself into The Starry Night or The Persistence of Memory, you'll find other paintings that you easily turn yourself into.

Horror Film Characters

Since you want a Halloween costume that will provide you with a decent coverage, there is no costume better than The Nun's. You'll be covered from top to bottom while being able to scare anyone with your outfit. The Nun's outfit is inspired by none other than the horror movie, The Nun. With some black lipstick and a few touches here and there, you'll pull off this Halloween costume.


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