Healthily speaking, boob sweating is good for your body because this is how you stay cool on excessively hot summer days or after an intense workout. However, hygienically speaking, boob sweat that’s dripping down your chest and wetting your clothes can make you extremely uncomfortable. Besides, it can cause irritation and itching, which can ruin your summer days. That said, we’ll go through some helpful tips to help you control and survive underboob sweat this summer, so keep reading.

Let’s Start with the Right Bra

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The right bra should be the right size, not too tight or underwired to provide support to your breasts, lifting them properly away from your chest and preventing them from rubbing against each other. During summer hot days, it is best to find a lightweight bra that doesn’t make the “girls” too hot so they start sweating constantly. When it comes to the right material, choose one that is as breathable as possible. Cotton bras are usually the best, but if you don’t like them, you can choose lacey, unpadded bras to allow air into your breasts.

Choose Tops with Darker Shades

Nothing is more embarrassing than having sweat stains underneath your boob area. Besides choosing the right bra, you can also choose darker tops like black, brown, or dark blue so the spots don’t show as much. While darker colors tend to absorb more heat from the sun, they’re still a good option to cover sweat stains and save you the trouble of this embarrassing situation.

Avoid Tight Blouses and Shirts

Loose-fitting shirts allow more air into your breasts, which can prevent sweat from soaking your clothes. Furthermore, tight clothes can create a humid environment that encourages bacterial, fungal, and yeast growth, which can lead to infections and bad smells.

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Give Sweat Pads or Liners a Try

Some women prefer to wear small pieces of fabric underneath their boobs to work as a barrier that absorbs sweat. This can work for you, especially if you don’t like creams or powders to touch your skin. You can also look for cotton pads to place inside your bra to have the same effect and prevent any sweat stains and make you feel more comfortable on a hot, sunny day.

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Go for a Suitable Deodorant

Deodorants or antiperspirants aren’t only for the armpits. You can use some under your boobs to prevent sweat or at least make it not smell. Make sure not to use a product that leaves stains on your cleavage area. Moreover, if you’re going to use antiperspirants, make sure you use a small amount underneath your breasts. It is better to consult your doctor first before using antiperspirants in this area.

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Always Carry Body Wipes

Even if you wear loose-fitting tops, use cotton bras, and apply deodorant underneath your boobs, they can still sweat and make you uncomfortable. Therefore, it is always a great idea to carry body wipes in your purse, so whenever you feel like you’re dripping, go to the ladies’ room and wipe this area. Body wipes will get rid of odors, clean your skin, and keep you freshened. Additionally, they’re not excessively perfumed and they’re too soft on the skin, so they’ll be perfect for just freshening up while you’re still outside.

Have Backup Garments

While this may not be the ideal solution for underboob sweat, it is still a good idea to stay fresh and clean. Always have a backup shirt and bra that you can change to, especially if you’re going to practice sports or do an intense activity. Needless to say, you should change your workout clothes immediately after you finish to avoid infections or skin irritation.

Try Bra Towels

You’ve probably seen these everywhere on the internet. Bra towels tend to help a lot with boob sweating, especially at home. Wear one at home just on its own or under your pajamas so it can absorb the sweat and prevent your boobs from rubbing against your chest.

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Finally, it is important to mention that showering and overall hygiene are mandatory, especially during summer. These mentioned hacks may help with the boob sweat. However, if you overlook showering or personal hygiene, these hacks will be useless. Always stay clean, hydrated, and prepared.