Boots are the piece we can’t wait to put on when fall and winter are back, because they give such a cool, edgy and chic look to outfits. Time and time again, many boot trends come and go, but combat boots have been consistent for a couple of years now and you seem to love them, so we're showing you how to wear combat boots and style them...

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How to wear and style combat boots:

How to wear combat boots with jeans and pants

combat boots and jeans

I think the easiest way to wear combat boots is to pair them with trousers. For example, skinny fits placed inside the boot is a classic look, as seen in the last outfit on the right. You can also wear the pants over the boot, like the middle outfit or choose pants that sit directly above the boot.

Colored combat boots

how to wear combat boots

Also, you can wear colored combat boots and wear them to suit your outfits. There are many options you can pick from like navy, brown, burgundy and others. Pick something that pops with your outfit or balances it out. Maroon or burgundy boots are always a great pick because they go with a lot of fall and winter outfits. 

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How to wear combat boots with dresses

How to wear combat boots with dresses

This combination is gorgeous and really popular. The edginess of the combat boot balances out the femininity of a dress giving a really nice well rounded look. You can wear flowy, tight or short dresses with combat Boots. You can easily get a casual or evening look with this type of outfit, depending on how you accessorize it, dressing it up or down.

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Combat boots and coats

Combat boots and coats

You can’t go wrong with a cool winter look, like this. A combat boot looks great with a long chic coat, especially when paired with tights and a dress. Knee-length coats and trench coats also look great with combat boots.