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Hijab Outfit Ideas and Tips to Help You Style Fleece Jackets

Farida Abdel Malek
11/29/20, 12:00 AM

Fleece jackets are the coziest winter hug in an clothing item. They're really comfy, warm and just really easy to throw on. If you're looking for cool ideas on how to wear fleece jackets with hijab, we scrolled through hijabi bloggers' Instagram accounts for some Inspo and here's what we wrapped up...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery to see more hijab fleece jacket outfit ideas...

Wear a hoodie under your fleece jacket

womens fleece jacket with hijab

For a daily casual comfy look that is also guaranteed to keep you warm, you can wear your fleece jacket with hoodies. I think hoodies should be in everyone's wardrobe for lazy days or just days were you want to feel comfy all day. Bring your hoodie out over you the jacket collar. Layering made easy...

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Fleece coats

fleece coat

Fleece coats are a nice way to make more of a statement or to help you wear fleece with more chic dressed up looks. They can be worn with almost anything, but besides jeans, they look really cool with leather pants. 

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 Fleece lined aviator jackets

 fleece lined aviator jacket

Fleece lined Aviators are a classic. They're incredibly warming, but they also look really cool. You can wear them casually with sweaters and hoodies or also dress them up a bit with a turtleneck and statement boots. 

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Tuck your hijab in your high neck zipped up fleece jacket

how to style fleece jackets with hijab

Another way we saw hijab bloggers style fleece jackets or in this case also sweaters is wearing them 'high-necked' with their hijab tucked in. It looks really chic, modern and will protect you from any sudden breeze. You can style them with jeans and sneakers or you favorite wide legged pants.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @salmajj


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