Is It Renovation Time? Check The Winter 2023 Home Color Trends
Mariam Youssef
10/31/22, 2:00 PM

Whenever it’s time to renovate your current home or spruce up your new house, you may wonder about what’s trendy or what’s in fashion in the decoration world. You may prefer classic furniture to modern one, but when it comes to the color palettes, it is best to stick to trendy timeless ones to make your home more lively and modern. Even if you have Louis XIV furniture all over the house, choosing a trendy home color palette is preferable. On that note, we’ll show you some of the winter 2023 home color trends that will make your home unique and stylish.

N.B. These colors were chosen according to specialists and color experts and are not our personal recommendations. But we love them, so we decided to share them with you!

Warm Yellows

These rich, deep hues can give your space a cozy, slightly earthy tone. Warm yellows are also highly versatile. They bring color and warmth to contemporary interiors. And because it is a color that has been used in homes for ages, it accentuates the historic atmosphere of vintage or classic homes.

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Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is a lively coral color with pink undertones. It is a highly striking hue that will stand out beautifully in your area. And the expression is all up to you; you may use this hue as a striking accent or go all out and paint an entire room in it. Moreover, this color doesn’t only have to be on walls. You can invest in a raspberry blush sofa so it can be the statement piece in a room.

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Vining Ivy

Vining Ivy is a multipurpose shade of teal that merges strong blue with sophisticated green to create a jewel-toned hue. Because the color's blue conveys emotions of calmness and its emerald inspires feelings of balance, it can be used to create calming atmospheres in areas. These two undertones work together to produce a vibrant, extremely fashionable color.

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Redend Point

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Warm blush beige, or Redend Point, can be used as a warm accent color when combined with paler hues. However, you may also use it as a cozy neutral in any room of your house. The color is described as being neither too light nor dark, gloomy nor pleasant. As a result, it makes for the ideal mid-tone neutral color for a home. A basic, peaceful, and interesting color called Redend Point embraces a sense of connection with the outside world.

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Blank Canvas

Warm white color called "Blank Canvas" has countless design and decoration possibilities. According to study, homeowners want their homes to seem like an escape from the stresses of daily life and a place where they can relax. White encourages optimism and reduces stress in its wearers. Additionally, white helps people unwind, stimulates freshness and serenity, and helps them feel focused.


The auburn red color “Alizarin” will give your space more depth and warmth. No matter how large or tiny the room, this deep crimson will transform it. Small places can be turned into comforting havens, and bigger ones can become lavish retreats.

Strawberry Cream

Imagine baking a cake in the 70s and adding pink frosting to it. This is exactly what this color is about. It’s a soft light pink that speaks to the 14-year-old you. If you used to like Barbie and her pink world, you’d want to apply this color to your room’s walls or buy a strawberry cream sofa to be the center of attention.

Orange Tiger

This shade screams winter! It’s a classic popping bright orange that makes an excellent accent color that blends brilliantly with your decor. If you’re not so sure about painting an entire wall with this daring color, you can apply it as an accent color to brighten up a room and make it more inviting and fun. It could be a table, a chair, or even a poster.

Now, it is time for some trendy color palettes for winter 2023

Serene Presence

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This color scheme was created for a simple, minimalist lifestyle. The palette is composed of soothing green tones and soft, muted pastels. And these are the names of the shades: Lavender Touch – Dusk Green – Vårluft – Cheerful Peach – Bella – Space – Kokos.

Naturally Grounded

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The earthy, grounded color scheme reflects life on earth. Warm earth tones, mild yellow and orange tones, subdued green, and muted blue make up the color scheme. And these are the names of the shades: Natural Green – Urtehage – Burnt Ochre – Contemporary White – Soft – Lysning – Rustic Brown.

Curated Living

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This color scheme is the ideal place to start when creating a carefully designed space. This is a harmonious blending of nostalgic tones and modern hues thanks to the color scheme of chic reds, subdued neutrals, and accents of blue. And these are the names of the shades: Statement Red – Poetry Red – Sophisticated Red – Collected Blue – Silke – Soft Radiance – Dempet Savanne.

Live in Joy

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Take your optimism to the fullest. This winter sports-inspired trend uses vibrant colors, cutting-edge materials, and funky mod and eighties attitudes to create festive, energizing rooms. And these are the names of the shades: White Daisy - Marina - Kinetic Energy - Stargazing - Soft Moss - Get Up and Go - Vermilion - Energy Orange - Razzle Dazzle - Strawberry Blonde - Lemon Punch - Plum Power.

Life in Poetry

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Take a trip that lasts the entire year. In order to create a happy, sentimental hideaway, embrace your laid-back summer’s atmosphere and enjoy imperfections, DIY, and bric-a-brac craftwork. And these are the names of the shades: Spooled White - Dandelion - Hearth Gold - Peach Fuzz - Terra Rosa - Striking Red - Grapevine - Pink Glamor - Aloe Plant - Lemon Gelato - Thundercloud - Singing the Blue.

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