As we continue our new home essentials checklist, to make things easier and keep you ready with lists of household items needed for a new home, this time we're moving to the kitchen, one of the more fun parts to prep for. It might feel very overwhelming at first, but we think it's a lot easier since it's mostly your essential kitchen appliances. This must-have kitchen items list is easy to go through and will help make sure you're not missing anything from the absolute essentials. 

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A List of kitchen essentials for new home:

1. Kitchen cabinets; size, shape and color according to your taste.

2. A small kitchen table.

3. A vase to decorate the kitchen table.

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4. Plant pots.

must-have kitchen items list

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5. A refrigerator.

6. Stove and oven.

7. Dishwasher.

8. Microwave.

9. Dish drainer.

10. Frames to decorate the kitchen walls.

must-have kitchen items list

11. Blender.

12. Mixer.

13. Kettle.

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14. Electric mixer.

15. Hand mixer.

16. Electric grill.

17. Sandwich maker.

18. Different sized kitchen knives.

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19. Knife holder.

20. Cutting board.

21. Deep mixing bowls. (Used for seasoning meats, mixing pastries, etc.)

must-have kitchen items list

22. Stainless steel containers.

23. Measuring cups and spoons.

24. Sieve/strainer.

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25. Tupperware set. (In colors to match your kitchen decor.)

26. Non-stick granite, ceramic pots.

27. A set of non-stick, granite or ceramic pans.

28. Dinner spoons, forks and knives set.

29. Pyrex set.

30. Plates.

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31. Different sized cups and glasses.

32. Mugs.

33. Coffee cups.

34. Ladles.

must-have kitchen items list

35. Baking trays.

36. Mugs holder.

37. Small wooden ladder.

38. Kitchen towels.

39. Oven mitts for carrying hot things.

40. A small rug to decorate the kitchen floor.

41. Elegant glass jars.

42. Baskets to organize vegetables and fruits.

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