Sometimes being a fashion forward hijabi, you very often see trends that when your first think about it, aren’t very wearable to you or any other hijabi, but what if I told you that that’s just simply not true? You may think often of the time that fashion trends are catered to not be inclusive to you, but that’s simply not the case. Its 2021, hijabis can wear what they want and look super good while doing it. Fashion is supposed to be inclusive after all. Here’s our list of picks on fall fashion trends and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobes and look stylish all fall.

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1. Layered t-shirts and shirts


Image credits: lightsena, noore

This outfit idea is so cool and on trend, it really only takes a couple of seconds of our time and effort. It is so applicable; you’ll be wearing this every day. Trust us. There is no possible way to explain this, it is pretty simple. You will just layer a t-shirt or top under another one. The more conceptual approach to this idea, is layering a corset or sweater vest onto a t-shirt. It’s a basic way to make non-hijabi friendly tops hijabi. You’ll thank us later.

What we’d do: Make sure to have a variety of neutral shirts to choose from, you wouldn’t want to plan an idea in your head only for it to not work out due to the fact that the colors clash for example. And if you’re going for the trendy corset/ sweater vest onto the shirt, please do try it out, as the fit is very important, it might not work out so you should also plan in advance.

2. Oversized chemises


Image credits: kd_sisters_style

This look really is for every day and can be played up or down. You can wear neutrals, basic color shirts or ones with patterns. It is both comfortable and playful. You could close the shirt or leave it open. You could find different fits (and by this we mean by different sizes, some larges or extra larges and some regular fit)

What we’d do: We’d stock up on staple shirts first, maybe the neutrals, and then dig in deeper the shirt rabbit hole. Also, we’d figure out different ways to pair the shirt, such as with jeans, patterned trousers, or some maxi skirts.

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3. Wide leg everything


Image credits: sallyomo

Wide-leg and marine straight (as they call it in Zara) trousers are the denim trend we didn’t know we needed. They’re so adaptable and wearable, we’re surprised we have been wearing skinnier jeans for the past decade. But with fashion comes responsibility, and we can’t wear anything outdated or not with the times. Switch your skinny jeans to wide-leg ones, mom jeans or flared. Wide-leg jeans are one of the most inclusive trends and hijabi friendly, as it is not limiting to a specific crowd (as are most jeans and pants) we can all rock them.

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What we’d recommend: Try out regular denim-colored ones first, then proceed to buying or trying more once you’re confident you like them and will incorporate them into your wardrobe.

4. Thick big puffy coats


Image credits: kd_sisters_style

To state the obvious, coats and jackets in general are not limiting per say. But we had to emphasize on this one, usually we wouldn’t ger excited for coats, but big puffy coats and trending and we’re living for it! They’re super wearable, go with everything and can be styled really easy. It’s a great way to cover up say if you are wearing something tight such as leggings (if you feel like it). You can find these almost everywhere at this point.

What we’d recommend: Do not think about this one twice, it really is an investment for the season, and you won’t regret it. The one recommendation we’d have here is to look around several shops before picking your pick.

5. Corseting or sweater vesting long dresses or kaftans


Image credits: wissxo

This look is a twist to the current corset and sweater vest trends we’re anticipating to see this fall, by layering something underneath (our preference a dress or even a shirt). Layering is the keystone to making something wearable, and we’ve been seeing all our favorite hijabi influencers wearing this on Instagram. It’s so cute and practical, you can dress it up or down with more casual wear such or more formal and trendy alternatives.

What we’d recommend: Switch this look up for sure. Try it on your more casual ‘going to run errands’ looks but save this one for sure for important things such as events, birthdays or gatherings. (You would do so by choosing a more fashion forward piece under it, a basic dress or a more form fitting vest or corset).

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6. Overalls

Overalls have been worn throughout the decades and we think they’re a wardrobe staple. In order to wear them, you would just layer a shirt underneath. Apart from the how, we really like this option, its combing back into style and reminding us of 80’s fashion and how cool and comfy at the same time it is.

What we’d recommend:  Find and try them out in store, get comfortable with the idea and then invest in one or a couple pairs. They come in several different colors, so if you don’t feel like going for classic denim you could find a black one.

7. Maxi skirt


Image credits: noore

We love this one, seriously. It really is self-explanatory. Maxi skirts are a hijab-friendly great alternative to pants. We’re so sick of pants and feeling like we are limited in our movement, this way we feel free and more comfortable as well as looking super good.

What we’d recommend: Switch up the designs and colors, we all have a plain black maxi skirt, but what about olive greens, pinks, purples, or other vibrant colors? You could use the maxi skirt as the pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit.

8. Your traditional abaya with a twist: trendy neutral colors


Image credits: fatmaa

Okay, don’t kill us for this one being on the list. It actually makes a lot of sense while thinking about it. Instead of wearing traditional abayas as a cover up, find colorful ones, preferably neutrals since that color palette is so in right now. If you think about it, the concept of an abaya really is like a kimono.

What we’d recommend: Don’t limit yourselves to picks that are deemed ‘abayas’ while shopping, you can easily find long kimonos that serve the same purpose.

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9. Matching sets


Image credits: noore

This is both fashion forward and peak comfort, apart from that it’s just genuinely really easy to style. Matching sets have been trendy all summer and we can’t wait to see more of them in the winter. It’s pretty simple, and you can find them anywhere.

What we’d recommend: If you can’t find them (which we doubt), just pair matching colored tops and shirts together and bam, you have a matching set.

10. Leather/Pleather


Image credits: fatmaa

Ah, leather. We love leather, we’ve been loving leather and we will continue to love leather. Fall is the peak for all things leather, and you can so join in on this trend too. Some might not even call it a trend, but a lifestyle. There are so many options for wearing leather, jackets, coats, and pants alone are the standard, but you can also find unique pieces such as a leather corset for example.

What we’d recommend: Start with leather pants, you can find these anywhere or better yet, thrift them! Once you’re appreciating leather in your own closet, you can build up and start looking for jackets and coats that’ll make you look so on trend and important, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in them sooner.

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