Friday Fashion Fits: How to Wear and Style Slide Sandals

Mai Atef
8/21/20, 12:00 AM

Slides or summer slide sandals are the easiest thing to put on before you run out the door, whether in the city on a beach vacation. They're popular right now and have been showing up in stores and on fashion bloggers for their summer 2020 fashion looks. A lot of people think they're only for the beach but they can actually be worn in a lot of different ways, even for going out in the afternoon. 

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Summer 2020 Beach Footwear Trends to Give You Both Comfort and Style.

Here's how to wear slide sandals:

How to wear slides everyday


Most of us want comfortable footwear for to wear on a day to day basis. Socks and sneakers can be too hot for summer and you might not want to wear flip flops, so slides are a great solution for that. How to style them? They're actually pretty easy, you can wear them with comfy jeans or a jumpsuit. If you don't want to worry about color matching you can buy neutral slides to match everything. Leather ones can be very sturdy for everyday wear. 

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Slide sandals morning outfit ideas 


For a morning brunch look you can wear your slides with skirts and dresses. You can wear them with simple leather slides or satin bright ones for fun look. If you're not into skirts or dresses, you can wear white mom jeans with a cute summer top and put on your favorite slide sandals. Jeans or pants give you the chance to go for bulkier style slides.

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Beach summer slides


Slides look great with beach wear and swimsuits, especially if they have rope designs or are wicker sandals. If you're going to be exposing them to water make sure their material is durable and waterproof. We love beige, black and white colors for the beach, and style them with your wicker or straw beach bag. 

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How to wear slide sandals for going out


If you want to wear slides in the afternoon or for going out at night, you definitely can. It's all about picking your glamorous outfit and pairing it with the suitable chic slide sandals. You can choose a fitted dress or a loose pattered one and pair them with simple neutral slippers in white, beige or black, if you're scared of clashing colors. However, if you want to wear statement slides you can, it's all about color coordination and balancing textures, like this bright orange dress paired with quilted Chanel slides.


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