If you're looking for a swimsuit that is comfortable for you and your belly, but is still chic, you can start looking for options right away from these stores near you. Maternity swimwear is thankfully not as big of a struggle as it used to be. But still a lot of pregnant women don't know where to buy maternity swimsuits. So, today we're showing you 10 places to shop for maternity swimwear. 

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10 Places to Buy Maternity Swimwear for Summer 2020

1. H&M Maternity swimwear


Whether you like to shop online or go to the store yourself, you can find really cute designs at H&M. If you like simple swimwear, they have a really nice one-piece in black. 

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2. ASOS maternity swimwear


If you love bright and fun swimsuits, this floral one from ASOS is really cute. It will give you such a nice lively look by the pool or beach. They also have other designs that we think you might like. 

3. NINE & BEYOND Maternity swimsuits


Looking for a feminine beach look? This swimsuit with a shoulder detail is really cute and a subtle statement. You can choose between black or pink. Check out NINE & BEYOND here.

4. Maternity swimwear from HATCH


Ruffles have been a big swimsuit trend for a while and is there anything better than a red bikini? This one from HATCH also has high waisted bottoms to keep your bump comfy.

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5. Namshi Maternity swimsuits


Namshi is really popular for maternity swimwear, a lot of fashion bloggers love it. There are a lot of different styles there, to give you a great beach look. Check out their website here and choose the right swimsuit for you.

6. Maternity swimwear from Next


If you're looking for a simple but bright swimsuit trying shopping at Next. They have very comfy looking designs.

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7. Kiabi maternity swimsuits


Kiabi are also offering simple maternity swimwear to give your a modern soft look. You can find one-piece options at Kiabi.

8. Mummyista maternity swimwear


Mummyista are offering modern colored and patterned swimsuits that would look gorgeous by the beach and pool. Check them out here.

9. Topshop maternity swimsuits


If you want to buy a staple timeless maternity swimsuit, that you can wear throughout your pregnancy, you have to check out Topshop.

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10. Maternity swimwear from Baby store


Colorful and statement swimsuits with details are definitely eye-catching. Fashion bloggers love wearing them. You can find cool designs at Babystore.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @julia.flabat