Can you go without sunglasses in the summer? They're an essential summer piece that also happens to be a cool fashion statement, especially for a summer vacation. And since there's an art to finding the right sunglasses, we thought we'd introduce you to the top sunglasses trends in 2020 so you can shop easily and find something that brightens your look and day.

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Colored Sunglasses Trend


One of the most glamorous sunglasses trends, especially if you like bold and bright colors. In 2020, we're seeing colored sunglasses on fashion bloggers in yellow, pink, red and green. It was a popular 70s trend that made its way back to summer 2020.

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Rectangular Sunglasses Trend


Rectangular sunglasses or slim sunglasses are a favorite among fashion bloggers and celebrities. It really suits those with square, rectangular or oval face shapes, because it really flatters their face structure and gives a nice modern look.

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White Frame Sunglasses


White frame sunglasses were a trend back in 2010, which went away and now re-appeared in summer 2020. However, it has taken a more modern form that would suit many different tastes, from geometrical, rounded and cat eye.

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Triangle Cat-Eye Sunglasses Trend 


If you are looking for something a little different, but is also sexy and flattering, these cat-eye sunglasses have been really popular for a while now and for good reason. Their retro look is really chic and suits many different outfits and a lot of people.

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Big squared sunglasses


Although square glasses are a traditional shape that we've seen a lot before, they're back this year and even bigger. They're a statement piece, but for girls who like glam and big sunglasses, they'll be a must for them. They suit square, rectangular, and oval face shapes.

Oval shaped sunglasses 


Oval sunglasses have also been trending for a while and luckily for us they're still available this year and they're such a cool addition to an outfit. The come in a lot of different designs that you can choose from depending on your face shape and taste.

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