Abayas are an essential element of hijab fashion for some people, it's chic, practical and very comfortable. Over the years abayas have become so much more recognized in the fashion industry, brands like Dolce & Gabbana even created a line dedicated to abayas. 

So implementing the latest trends to abaya fashion is no surprise and velvet abayas are all the rage for winter 2019 and they look absolutely stunning. The beautiful fabric looks incredible spread over a big piece like the abaya. There are a lot of colors to pick from and we all know how colors look 10 times prettier in velvet

Mariam Mohammed is known for chic, statement looks and when looking for an outfit of her's in a velvet abaya, I came across these two looks below. Now these are not exactly abayas, but they're a great alternative for those not looking for abayas. Velvet coats are great wardrobe addition as well for hijabis and non hijabis as well. 


Main Image Credits: Instagram @mrmr__4