We've recently witnessed the appearance of many hijabi bloggers who became actual game changers and proved all the stereotypes about them to be wrong. One of the most common and mistaken thought is that hijab can be a barrier between a lady and her fashion enthusiasm. This thought was proven wrong as well by many fashionistas nowadays, who embraced their modest styles in so many ways.

There was that time when hijabi's suffered to find convenient wedding gowns, evening dresses or even daily outfits. Today, we see how the modest style has hugely taken over the fashion scene world wide. It's just amazing to see how every trend can be styled very elegantly to fit a girl who chooses to stay covered up. This adds power to what fashion can do and how it can satisfy various styles. That's why, today we've brought you a list of accessories that many people thought they won't fit with hijab when these pieces actually embraced the headscarf! Keep scrolling, and check out what they are!

Main image credits: Instagram @senaseveer