Oh how I love chains! You can make almost anything look cool with chain. I hope chain jewelry stays in fashion for a while, at least the way studs did because I still have so many ideas!

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What you will need:

Two types of chains, jump rings and clasp, braid or cord (mine is from my birthday trip to Le Méridien in Chiang Mai), pom pom trim (also from Thailand), scissors, needle, thread (to match pom pom trim) and pliers.


1. Measure the two strands of chain to be the circumference of your wrist.

2. Begin by tying a knot onto the chain.

3. Using the above method, cover both outside edges of the chain.

4. Measure the pom pom trim to the length of the chain.

5. When both lengths of chain are adorned, they should look like the photo below.

6. Connect the two lengths with the first jump ring.

7. Now connect the clasp to the jump ring, and there you have it!

8. You can even use them stacked with the DIY Bimba & Lola inspired tribal bangle.

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