Believe it or not, the nail polish you have lying around your home is good for more than just painting your nails. So don't throw out an old bottle of nail polish, as you can use the nail polish in the most creative of ways.

1. Did you know that if you apply a coat of transparent nail polish to fake or costume jewelry, it will not tarnish? 

2. Are you always mixing up your keys, how about you label them with nail polish. Better yet, go all out with the glitter and nail art on your house keys, you will never mistake them again. 

3. Stop licking the top part of envelope for good! Just paint over the white strip and seal the envelope. 

4. Had a little stockings mishap? Don't worry, always keep a transparent nail polish bottle on hand! If your tights rip, paint over them with a coat of nail polish, it will stop the cut from running up/down your stockings. 

5. How long does it take you to put the thread through the needle? After dipping it in a little bit of nail polish it will take you seconds!

6. Nail polish can also serve as a kind of glue. So if one of your jewelry pieces has fallen off, skip the glue and stick it back with some transparent nail polish. 

7. This tip is for your knitwear and shoe laces!  Brush any of the frays with a coat of nail polish and it will protect your laces or knitwear from unravelling.

8. It sucks to have to sew up a button on your shirt, especially when you are running late! Dab some nail polish to the thread on the button and it will never fall out. 

9. Do you label some bottles with a marker and sometimes it ends up smudging? After writing the words, apply a layer of transparent nail polish on it, and no more smudging. 

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