Spring and summer are the seasons to stack up on some serious arm candy. One of things I hate about winter,  is the constant long sleeves, and how my sleeve would usually get stuck in my watch or bracelet while I get dressed. But, with the weather heating up, it is time to load up your bracelets and stack them up. I don't think there is such a thing as too much when it comes to layering your bracelets with your watch.

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Add color, add sparkle, add metallics, whatever you want, you can make it work. The key is to choose colors that go together and bracelets of the same style. For example, if you are stacking up thin bracelets, don't add a big chunky one in the middle, it will ruin the look. The same goes the other way around, also make sure the bracelets go well with your watch. Here is a little arm candy inspiration to inspire you to layer your bracelets with your watch.