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Summer 2023 Is All About Green; Let's Style It Together!

Mariam Youssef
4/30/23, 10:20 AM

Ever since the beginning of this year, we started noticing all shades of green popping up on every social media platform. From outfits to accessories, green is making a statement everywhere, and we’re loving it! In our summer fashion trendy color article, we’ve mentioned olive green as one of the top trending colors. However, olive green isn’t the only shade we’ve been noticing so far. Emerald, forest, neon, jade, pistachio, grass, lime, and more shades and hues of green are so in trend now. We bet you already own something green in your wardrobe. Well, it is time to style it so you can join the club of green lovers and make your outfits more stylish and trendy. Without further ado, we’ll show you how to style green this summer in all its trendy shades.

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Colorful denim

Choose a wide-leg or boyfriend silhouette rather than skin-tight jeans, which will flatter your silhouette and make you look taller. A simple gold chain necklace, minimalist sandals, and a brown leather belt will help dress up your new green denim so it doesn’t come off as a costume from the early 2000s.

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Mix patterns, textures, and hues

We all love a crisp, monochromatic look, but if you enjoy the fun of mixing different textures and patterns, you won't have to worry about trying to find an exact match. Add some bright statement earrings in green and gold and an oversized two-tone shirt over some acid-washed forest green pants. You'll seem more stylish and less like you unintentionally dressed in the dark because they all belong to the same color family.

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Even if you prefer neutrals or don't enjoy wearing green from head to toe, a single pop of color will make you look fresh. The hottest color trend for 2023 can be accessorized with a little handbag, oversized sunglasses, or even unique sneakers.

Slip skirts all the way

Not only are slip or satin skirts in trend these days, but they also look flawless and make every outfit stand out spectacularly. We are completely smitten with the light green slip skirt, which is such a cozy classic, especially when you're searching for an ensemble rather than a dress to rock this fashion color trend for 2023. Wear a vibrant neon green this summer if you enjoy bright colors and while it's still in style.

Incorporate black and white

While many popping colors can look a bit off or look dated when paired with black or white, such as hot pink, green may help spice up your go-to neutral outfits and work well with black and white. This strategy works wonders when you opt for a bright popping green shade like neon, lime, or lawn.

Embrace a monochromatic moment

Do you have the courage to style a full green outfit? Why not dance your way through it? To create combinations that are just as eye-catching, swap out last year's full Barbie dresses with complementing separates in vivid green hues.

Tone down with darker hues

We suggest blending greens with richer, darker colors to create a good balance if you want to wear brighter greens. Even if we've occasionally witnessed the successful blending of several day-glo hues, these combinations are far too frequently mistaken for stylish outfits and instead, end up looking like '80s workout costumes. Dark purples, deep navy blues, and chocolate browns, in our opinion, are far simpler to pull off.

Floral and leaf dresses

Many women out there may not be huge fans of the color green. So, if you belong to this category but still want to pull off trending colors, we suggest that you opt for floral or leaf dresses, where there can be a touch of green but not too much to bother you. If you want to emphasize the green color, go for a simple green accessory, such as a bag, shoes, or sunglasses.

Color blocking

When talking about green and color blocking at the same time, we cannot help but think of the fashion blogger, Nourhan Gado, since green is her favorite color and she’s an expert when it comes to color blocking. One of the best ways to apply this technique (that she uses herself) is the color wheel. You may want to check out this reel to have a better understanding of the idea.

How do you feel about green now? Are you ready to style your green pieces this summer and create fabulous, trendy outfits? Follow this guide to help you in this mission and show us how you styled your outfits!



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