Learning how to have better time management might not be easy. Time is money! A phrase that I keep hearing all the time. As a person who really needs to work on her time management skills, I decided to actually do something about it. My first 2014 resolution and target will be enriching myself with some time management skills. Here are some five time management tips everyone needs to know to successfully manage their time.

1. Make a to-do list

Prioritize is the right word. In order to have better time management skills, setting a to-do list and prioritising the tasks is an efficient way of always reminding yourself of what you need to get done. Put the list in front of you all the time so you can always stay alarmed with the tons of things you need to finish off. Trust me, it feels so good to check something off your list.

2. Put a time limit to each event

Log off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you need to. The best way to manage your time perfectly is to know what takes your mind away from work and block it. This will eventually help you to focus more and move forward with your tasks which leads to better time management. If you turn off time-consuming social media tools, the world will not come to an end.

3. Schedule time for your leisure

Hey, it's totally okay to have enjoy your lunch, light brunch or even chit-chat with an old friend. Sometimes all you need is to switch off your brain and concentrate on anything but work in order to be able to have better time management. Disconnect from your work environment ONLY for a maximum of 15 minutes every three hours. 

4. Know your abilities

Learn to say no! If you think you can't get this task or this extra paper work done, then schedule it for another day, or just say no. If you end up loading yourself with extra work, you might end up even more stressed out, slow and demotivated.

5. Multi-task, only if you can

During a business call, you can photocopy papers or forwards some emails. This will help you have better time management skills and wrap up the task you're working on to start off on the next one.