Nine Tips on How to Look Better in Pictures

Amira Azzouz
9/18/13, 12:00 AM

Believe it or not, there are actually nine guaranteed ways to look great in pictures. Say goodbye to those moments where you look horrible in pictures, or when you're trying to look silly and there's no makeup on. Well, I've combined a few tips for you on how to look awesome in pictures, after all they are memories that might hunt you down the line (talking from experience!).

1. Clear Skin

A great tip to look good in pictures is to make sure you keep your skin clear and fresh, as good cameras capture the smallest details. If you have makeup on, make sure the concealer and foundation are spread properly and evenly. Did I mention the power of a blusher with a shade that compliments your skin color? Yes, it does wonders!

2. Your Strongest Assets

Make sure you know what's unique about you, because there's certainly something beautiful, and highlight it! If it's your smile, then put on some lipstick, if it's your eyes, then adding mascara and eyeliner would make it even more perfect. You get the point!

3. Emotions

The best tip I can offer you to look good in pictures is to go for a good smile, not a fake one. Make sure to keep your tongue right behind your teeth for a better effect and of course take care of one of your most important assets, aka your teeth. Keep them white and shinning! Unlike what they might have told us as kids that the word CHEESE does the trick of looking great in pictures, it actually makes you look like you're forcing a smile. Stay away from it!

4. Don't Look Me Into The Eye

Looking straight into the camera lens won't do you any good. Instead look a bit above the lens (with your eyes only) and make sure you turn your face a bit to the side. Why? Firstly, if you have your face directly pointed towards the camera, it might make you look a bit chubbier, but if you twist it a bit to the side it shows off the beautiful details of your face, and perhaps more expressions not to mention you looking more at ease.

5. The Chocolate Side

Is your chocolate side to the left or right? Make sure you know that and it'll help you be more photogenic.

6. Twist it!

If you stand up straight, facing the camera with your whole body, then you'll have a couple of extra kilograms added to the final result and you wouldn't want that, now would you? To look good in picture give the camera your side (your body) and turn your face towards the camera. That would make you look much sleeker! (Check the below pictures to understand it best)

7. Get Comfortable

Just standing there won't make you look at ease AT ALL! A great tip to look better in pictures is to bend your joints comfortably instead of just standing there, perhaps put your hands onto your hips or cross your legs while standing, that would look much better.

8. Shoulders

Straighten your posture and keep your shoulders back while holding your arms slightly bent away from your body. It'll create a very relaxed and is a great tip to looking great in pictures!

9. The Fabrics

Fabrics do matter a lot. Stay away from fabrics that have wrinkles as they won't compliment your body shape at all. To look great in pictures go for thicker structured fabrics.


Amira Azzouz

A little princess-not! The first thing you notice about Amira is her smile, she warms any place up. Her attention to detail is very evident in everything she does, even picking her daily statement acc...

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