16 of The Most Affordable Countries to Visit This Spring!
Mariam Youssef
3/7/23, 3:06 PM

When you think about the best time of the year to go on a vacation, spring is the best answer. The weather is neither cold nor hot and nature is at its most amazing phase where you get to see the beautiful roses and sky-blue ocean. While there are great places for vacation in Egypt, maybe it’s time to up your game and make it more interesting this time. That said, we’ll show you 16 of the best and most affordable countries that you can visit this spring.

Note that the below prices are subject to change according to the dates you choose and the dollar worth. Bear in mind that some of these flights may have transit stops, hence the low price.

We’ll list the countries in descending order from cheap to cheapest:

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The majority of people still link Bosnia primarily with the war that occurred there 27 years ago. Yet if you give this Balkan nation a chance, it has recovered and has a lot to offer you. A true highlight is the medieval town of Mostar, whose famous bridge formerly linked trade lines that extended as far as Venice and Constantinople. The capital Sarajevo has a great historic district, intriguing architecture, and genuine kindness. It is one of the truly underestimated capitals of Europe and is wonderfully affordable. The ticket prices start from 13,500 EGP.

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Morocco is quite close to Egypt and relatively inexpensive to visit. That is if you can avoid the pushy salespeople trying to hawk you pricey trinkets and rugs! Morocco may be fairly inexpensive if you simply take guided trips, but costs fall significantly if you go independently. Consider staying in one of the famous riads, classic hotels with garden courtyards that provide a quiet escape from the busy city streets, for great value accommodation with a touch of elegance. The ticket prices start from 13,000 EGP.

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital might be the spring break destination of your dreams. Expedia claims that during the season, flight prices are down by close to 25%. Moreover, after the winter, the weather is dry and warming up. Tourists can stroll along the shoreline, eat on cafe terraces, and take in the stunning architecture of the city. In addition, Stockholm's subway system, which is frequently referred to as the world's longest art exhibit and has pieces by more than 150 artists, will dazzle your inner artist. The city is full of charm, culture, and opportunities to create wonderful spring break experiences. The ticket prices start from 13,000 EGP.

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Malta's most well-known cities, which resemble enormous open-air history museums, are among the top reasons to travel there. A memorable experience and another great reason to travel to Malta is seeing the city's sights (such as St. John's Co-Cathedral and the remnants of the Royal Opera House) while strolling along its tiny alleyways decorated with vibrant Maltese balconies. You can enjoy the quietness while roaming the narrow streets and small alleys that look like they belong in another era. The ticket prices start from 12,500 EGP.

Paris, France

While many people think that traveling to Paris, France is difficult and expensive, the truth is the exact opposite. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Arc de Triomphe are must-see attractions in Paris, while Avenue des Champs-Elysees offers some of the best shopping in the world. Visit the Palace of Versailles for breathtaking scenery during a day trip. Moreover, no matter where you go in the city, you'll find delicious French cuisine. The ticket prices start from 11,500 EGP.


Armenia is a great destination if you want areas that are off the tourist trail even though neighboring Georgia could currently appeal to more mainstream travelers. Try to travel during Vardavar, a yearly celebration in which the entire city of Yerevan engages in water guns, balloons, and bucket fights. Even the police and fire department participate! The ticket prices start from 11,500 EGP.


People enjoy traveling to Croatia to experience its magnificent scenery and rich culture. The gorgeous Adriatic Sea coastline and the picturesque ancient towns of Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar are its most famous landmarks. In Croatia, you may explore some amazing national parks, beaches, and mountain ranges. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation or something more adventurous, this country has plenty to offer. The ticket prices start from 11,000 EGP.


There are many reasons to visit Albania, including its unspoiled coastline, eccentric capital, well-preserved Ottoman-era towns, and majestic Mountains. You can discover the intriguing past of this formerly remote nation. A delicious lunch or dinner in Albania would likely cost you between $2 and $4. The tickets start from 10,000 EGP.


During spring break, think of going to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Despite the cooler temperatures, prices are low. By going on your trip during the shoulder season, you can save more than 5%. Before the summer crowds arrive, take advantage of the city's renowned bathhouses, the Central Market food hall, the ancient Heroes' Square, and the magnificent architecture. Don't miss the City of Spas and take advantage of the chance to relax while seeing the center of culture. The tickets start from 10,000 EGP.


One of the least expensive and most exciting countries in Asia is Vietnam. Vietnam is more than just the standard travel route. Consider the most genuine and purest place on earth, the province of Ha Giang in the north. Tam Coc's limestone scenery is also not to be missed. The town of Phong Nha is a terrific destination for adventure travel and caving; camping inside the third-largest cave in the world is an experience I'll never forget. The tickets start from 10,000 EGP.


The majestic historical architecture of Prague and St. Petersburg is what makes this country special. The stone-walled restaurants and traditional homes in its little towns make them incredibly adorable. Yet, there's still more! There are very pleasing side alleys where vintage clothing and antiques are sold. Hillsides are home to colorful villages. There are Roman ruins in Bulgaria, Black Sea sunsets, and much more. The tickets start from 9,000 EGP.

Milan, Italy

Milan is well-known for its fashion. It is more than just the birthplace of some of the top fashion brands in Italy, though. The city is both the wealthiest and the most significant economic hub in Italy. Moreover, it is the location of Milanese cuisine, exceptional architecture, and historical art. The ticket prices start from 9,000 EGP.


Barcelona is fantastic, and it is definitely worth a trip! It serves as the regional capital of Catalonia and is Spain's second-largest city after Madrid. It is a top vacation spot for many people thanks to its outstanding architecture, coastline, culture, and cuisine. The ticket prices start from 8,500 EGP.


Turkey's economy has been struggling recently, but right now, anyone looking to exchange their dollars or euros for lira can get one of the best offers anywhere in the world. Istanbul is a wonderful and modern country with pricing you might expect from a remote or much less developed area, making it the ideal starting point for a journey to Turkey and also the ideal destination for a city tour. The ticket prices start from 8,500 EGP.


There are a lot of presumptions about this Eastern European nation. It isn't until they arrive that they realize how beautiful it is. The magnificent Transylvania region has much for you to dig your teeth in, just like the Dracula it inspired. Think of its charming medieval villages, historic fortified churches, and impressive Carpathian mountain range. It's ideal for a trip in the spring or summer, but it's also enchanted in the winter with inexpensive ski resorts and castles covered in snow. The ticket prices start from 8,500 EGP.

Mykonos, Greece

For spring break, indulge your Greek fancies at Mykonos. You won't be lying in the sun on the beach in March and April because they are less popular and a little cooler than in the summer. But, fewer visitors offer more chances to discover its numerous historic monuments, breathtaking sights of the shoreline, and top-notch cuisine. Mykonos is a fantastic place to travel to in March and April because airline prices are about 65% lower, according to Expedia data. It's a great starting place for exploring nearby islands as well. Delos, for instance, is a prominent historical and archaeological site in Greece and is close by. The ticket prices start from 8,000 EGP.

Get ready to pack your bag and fly to your favorite destination. Bear in mind that some of these countries require Schengen visas, which may take a while to get approved. So, be prepared and get all your documents ready beforehand.

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