Calling All Manga Fans! 25 Awesome Anime Suggestions on Netflix

Author Mariam Youssef
Time 3/6/23, 2:00 PM
Calling All Manga Fans! 25 Awesome Anime Suggestions on Netflix

Which manga series made you fall in love with anime? Was it Attack on Titan or One Piece? In honor of Attack on Titan’s finale that brought tears to our eyes, we’re inviting you to watch more awesome anime series. If you’re an anime fan who’s in constant search of a good anime series, we’ve got your back! Today we will be your guide to 25 amazing anime suggestions that you can watch on Netflix.

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Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter tells the story of Gon Freecss, a 12-year-old boy who wishes to be a legendary hunter just like his father Ging Freecss who abandoned him in his infant years. Gon goes on a journey to become a hunter and to find his dad while experiencing several adventures along the way with his friends.

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Demon Slayer

After a brutal demon attack that curses his sister and leaves his family slain, Tanjiro embarks upon a risky adventure where he tries to find a cure and avenge the people he lost.

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When a fantasy card game becomes their reality, Yugi Muto and his friends’ lives (Joey, Tristan, and Tea) change forever.

Vinland Saga

After his father is murdered, young Thorfinn joins the mercenary band of his killer Askeladd, awaiting his revenge while Askeladd plots politics.

Record of Ragnarok

Before wiping out humankind from the world, the gods give them another chance to prove themselves worthy to survive. The Ragnarok battles are about to begin!

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The Seven Deadly Sins

When a kingdom is dominated by tyrants, the dethroned princess begins her journey to find a disbanded group of wicked knights to help her to return back to her kingdom.


Inspired by classic video games, Castlevania is about a vampire hunter who fights to save a besieged city from otherworldly beasts who are controlled by Dracula.


While martial arts champion Baki Hanma exercises hard to surpass his father, five vicious death row inmates descend upon Tokyo to defeat him.


If you’re looking for a heartfelt, emotional anime, this one's for you. A high school outcast leads his double life, switching between his two bodies that are extremely opposite in appearance.


In a world where beasts of all shapes and sizes coexist, a sensible wolf faces his own predatory urges as his school handles a murder within its midst.


Threatening in appearance but gentle at heart, Ryūji becomes friends with Taiga, a petite girl with a sharp tongue and a rough attitude.


A teenager fights an invasion of parasites from space with help from Migi, a tame parasitic creature that's taken over his right hand.

Blood of Zeus

An ordinary man living in ancient Greece, Heron finds out his true heritage as a son of Zeus, and his mission is to save the world from a demonic army.

Seraph of The End

In 2012, the world presumably came to an end at the hands of a human-made virus, eliminating the global populace and leaving only children unharmed. This is when vampires emerge from the recesses of the earth.

Cowboy Bebop

A ragtag crew of bounty hunters, Spike, Jet, and Faye, chases down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals; they'll trawl the solar system looking for jobs and they’ll save the world for the right price.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Five middle school basketball players went to separate high schools. Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami are poised to shake things up and make their play for glory.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo and his noisy group of self-proclaimed friends are back for more psychic mishaps although he’s trying to conceal them; if he didn't face enough problems before, he has even more to worry about now.

Devilman Crybaby

The world has been taken over by ancient demons, according to Akira's best buddy, who also advises him to join forces with one. Akira is able to accomplish that, changing into Devilman, a person with demon-like abilities but with a human soul. As a result, Akira launches a vicious, depraved fight against evil. Akira sets out to save other demon-human hybrids like himself as humanity descends into violence and paranoia as a result of the widespread demon fear.

Hellsing Ultimate

A war-crazed SS-Major who wants to start an endless war with his vampire army is being pursued by the vampire Alucard, his master Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, and his recently sired ward Seras Victoria. They are attempting to save England from this threat.

B: The Beginning

When serial killer "B" first appears, brilliant investigator Keith Flick re-joins the royal police force. Koku, a mysterious young man, might be a target or an ally. Starring Yuki Kaji, Asami Seto, and Hiroaki Hirata.

Komi Can’t Communicate

Tadano assists his quiet and reclusive classmate Komi, who attends a high school full of eccentric individuals, in achieving her objective of befriending 100 people.

Romantic Killer

Romance is the last thing on Anzu's thoughts as she lives her best single life; that is until a small match-making wizard abruptly transforms her life into a corny rom-com.

A Silent Voice

This is an anime film about a former class bully who harassed a Deaf girl in elementary school. He attempts to set things right even if he feels unworthy of forgiveness.

Spirited Away

Another anime film on Netflix is Spirited Away, which is about Chihiro who is lost in a mystical realm where a witch is in charge and anyone who disobeys her is transformed into an animal.

A Whisker Away

A strange girl pretends to be a cat to attract her crush's interest. The distinction between humans and animals, however, begins to blur before her eyes.

The above list has a collection of different anime genres such as horror, drama, comedy, and fantasy that cater to every manga lover. How many of these have you watched? Share with us your favorite anime series; we’d love to know your preferences.

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